Friday 2 July 2010

Suffer, Bitch! (for @tomharrismp )

Tom Harris is moaning like a stuck pig about IPSA again. With no little irony, the litany of complaints includes:

it has become apparent that the reason Ipsa are creating non-jobs for “communications officers” at twenty grand a year more than MPs are paid is to spin the “MPs are bullying our staff” rubbish

Really, Tom? Overpaid quangocrats spinning rubbish? Gosh ... where have I heard that before? Non-jobs? Hmmm ... I'm sure it will come to me.


A newly-elected colleague, one of the nicest and most courteous people I’ve met, phoned up Ipsa to tell him that his staff still had not been paid, nearly two months after being appointed. The official told him that they would not now be paid until the end of July.

“That’s unacceptable,” my colleague pointed out.

“Don’t get aggressive with me, sir,” said the official.

Pointing out the fact that it is unacceptable to expect people to work for free is not being aggressive.

A jumped-up jobsworth with an overblown sense of entitlement? I can almost taste it, it's so close.

One other observation made by a number of colleagues recently: why did Ipsa choose one of the most expensive locations in the country – central London – to set up their plush offices? Surely when we’re trying to cut costs across the public sector and Ipsa pride themselves on denying MPs face time anyway, nothing would have prevented them working from an industrial estate in Glasgow or the north of England?

What's that you say? Unelected civil servants swanning around in plush offices at their convenience on the taxpayer's dime?

Oh, I've got it, Tom!

That's exactly what 13 years of Labour government have made every occasion of dealing with the civil service like for the rest of us. It is exactly how life is for the rest of us, and it's like that for exactly the same reason: Labour, with an unassailable majority, introduced an endless sea of badly-drafted, badly-thought-through, knee-jerk law to cope with things because that's all they knew.

At the time, I said that I didn't think IPSA was going to be a good idea, because, like every other fucking thing you cunts did in power, it was a knee-jerk solution cobbled up by a couple of fuckwits who lived their lives in the political bubble. I was quite happy for you guys to claim legitimate expenses through the old system. You guys took the fucking piss and in a frantic fit of being seen to be doing something, this half-baked, fatuous cock-up was created.

This is exactly how every fucking law you cunts drafted turned out for us: driven by the need to have a soundbite, you rammed legislation through without debate and without thought while remaining entirely immune from the consequences.

Every time an MP whines about IPSA, my soul blooms a little. Because the exact same thing you did to us for the last 13 years has finally come to bite you useless fuckers on the arse. Perhaps now you can have the slightest taste of what every dealing with the government we have is like. And thanks to your insatiable lust for creating law, we now also have more frequent dealings with the fuckers.

So Tom: I hope you continue complaining, I hope to see MPs screaming for years to come and I truly hope that IPSA remains an incompetent thorn in your arse for the remainder of your life as an MP. Because that needs to remind you fuckers to think before you legislate.

Suffer you over-entitled fucker. Welcome to the world you cunts have created for us.

PS The post closes with the following rather telling words:

Commenting Disabled
Commenting on this page has been disabled by the blog admin.


Timdog said...

It's quite sad, I used to quite enjoy bits of his blog, but he's an absolute mentalist now. How it is possible to have such a monumental lack of self-awareness, it's almost satirical except I don't think a Labourite is capable of satire, it goes against their fundamental righteousness.

What a maroon.

Timdog said...

Second post to sign up to comments, solly.

Steve Tierney said...

Great post, Obbo. And quite right.

Actually, this IPSA nonsense is really causing problems for some completely new, completely guiltless MPs and I don't support it at all.

And yet, yes, I see what you mean. There is a delicious irony here.

JohnRS said...

"PS The post closes with the following rather telling words:

Commenting Disabled
Commenting on this page has been disabled by the blog admin."

At this point there should really be the sound of chickens clucking in the background so we can all gloat even more about the cowardly behaviour of the Sewer Party MPs when it comes to facing up to the shitstorm of regulations/rules/quangos/seatwarmers they imposed on us all.

RantinRab said...

I quite like Tom, even though he is a dirty socialist and a Dr Who fan. But he has ever so slightly lost his marbles recently.

Anyway, to Obo's point. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading Tom's posts on IPSA with some interest.

Apart from the glorious feeling of schadenfreude, it's becoming pretty clear that Tom simply cannot believe that what they are suffering is genuinely how things are for the rest of us.

I guess that 'twas ever thus for those at court; those with minions to protect their gentle sensibilities from the miseries inflicted upon the common man by their own actions.

Shit. No, I feel no sympathy for Tom or his ilk whatsoever. It's just a crying shame that his sheltered life leads him to believe that MPs are somehow being singled out for such miserable -- and all too common -- treatment.

Labour Troll said...

Tom has lost it in opposition.

His thinly veiled problems with the Brown administration gave him a veneer of openness and being more principled than the Game.

Roger Thornhill said...

Standard Socialist action - intentionally let something screw up so it can be "fixed".

Too many lawyers in government - Cobblers Children and all that.

JuliaM said...

Disappointing to see him closing comments.

Anonymous said...

Are comments really closed?

Anonymous said...

I seem to be able to comment

Anonymous said...

Tom Harris MP does seem to have gone loopy in opposition. Sad.

Piscator said...

As my old mate Corporal Jones said "They don't like it up 'em"!

Libertarian said...

Great post Obbo

I've printed it out and will hand a copy to every local politician and quangocrat that I have to deal with

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Anonymous, can you comment on this post?

He only seems to disable comments on his IPSA posts.

Norton Folgate said...

Forgive me for stating the bleeding obvious, but he is disabling comments on his IPSA whining precisely because he knows he'll get ripped a new shitter by Obo and anyone else who happens to be passing that has had to deal with that kind of Labour party generated shit in their lives for years now.

The cowardly shit smear wants to express his pissweaseling little whinefest without having 1000,000 people rightfully calling him a hypocrital cunt.

Anonymous said...

I've not actually seen him reply to any posts anyway, so that he has disabled them hardly makes any difference.

Lossie Beachcomber said...

Excellent post. It's a shame for the people working for the MP's but as you say the delicious irony of yet another Labour knee-jerk piece of piss poor legislation coming back to bite them on the arse is most gratifying.

The Sense Of Self-Awareness Of Tom Harris said...

I'm lost!

JuliaM said...

"I've not actually seen him reply to any posts anyway, so that he has disabled them hardly makes any difference."

He doesn't reply to every comment, but does often respond to clarify or to expand on something, or to agree with a point someone has made. He's one of the better Lab bloggers, which is why it's a shame to see him ducking the flak he's getting (deservedly so) on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Typical! Labour spent 13 years trying to engineer new Quangos and set up smoke screens to appease the public, meaningless enquiries, pointless regulators and job creation was the name of the game!

And we all pay for this, a situation where you have more back office staff in Education, Policing and Health than front line staff. Just a massive con on unemployment figures.

Then the looneys run around telling us how great everything is and how much it's improved, bollocks. Glad IPSA are now making him work hard and endure the rubbish we put up with everyday, that if we ever had cause to inform him of he would have told us it was an isolated incident and they have reviewed procedures, listened and learned etc etc etc.

Billy Blofeld said...

I've had a really, really shitty day..... but that post cheered me right fucking well up.

Nice work...........

Christian said...

Recently redundant from a private sector company where I've been in a variety of roles for 13 years, since I graduated at 21.

Single, gay man, no dependants. Must have paid a King's ransom in Tax & NI. Plus because we work we have to 'pay' for everything else; dental, eye and prescription cost for e.g.

Went to my local Job Centre Plus for advice: treated like scum. Arrogant, incompetent arseholes, who assume you are the lowest common denominator. They can't answer an actual question if it doesn't fit one of their pre-prepared scripts. Woe-betide you raise your voice at the fuckwit behind the desk, then you have a meat-head 'security' officer breathing down your neck. I felt humiliated and embarrassed - a service I have been effectively paying for all these years doesn't give a flying fuck. Not a fuck.

Tom Harris better not pass me in the street, 'cos frankly I'll cut his socialist throat (possibly a joke, or not, Marxists LOVE violence, so why should he be worried - I'm 'rising up').

Whining, moaning cunt. Yeah, Tom, this is what the rest of us have to deal with in New Labour's Britain. You voted for it all you complete fucking twat. Best of it is, me; I'm aspirational working class from an old Yorkshire pit-village, should be a Labour wet-dream. But not like this, I hope THEY NEVER GET POWER AGAIN.

Have sent him a missive by post, he'll remember it for some time to come.

Excuse ranting and foul language!

Chief_Sceptic said...

He's a total fuckwit - as said previoulsy - "welcome to OUR world", you complete gobshite ...

Rob Fisher said...

Don't know if anyone uses Google Sidewiki, but in theory it can get around pages that don't allow you to comment.