Wednesday, 4 August 2010

In which I praise Michael Schumacher

So, everybody was up in arms about Schuey's "move" on Rubens "The Sulk" Barrichello. Personally, I have no idea what the problem was. Schuey didn't do anything illegal and to be fair to The Sulk, he toughed it out and took the place despite everything Schuey threw at him.

It was some of the best racing of an actually already quite interesting race.

F1 is really becoming Nanny Central. Next thing they'll be banning fucking overtaking.


Oh, and that Vettel drive-through? That was a load of fucking shit too.

Update: More, and better said.


Umbongo said...

Anything which enlivens this dullest of spectator sports is to be welcomed. I've only been to one such event (50 years ago at Silverstone - or was it Brands Hatch) and never wished to repeat the experience. Watching paint dry in my living room is more interesting and more pleasant: less noisy, less crowded, less expensive, easier to get to and, moreover, you know what's going on (which isn't a lot!). One thing in F1's favour though is that - as a taxpayer - I'm not forced to contribute to the spectators' enjoyment or the competitors' efforts.

BenS said...

Hey now, i've watched F1 for most of my life, and F1 has a few unwritten rules. When you're driving at 180mph in a flimsy carbon fibre can with thin air between your helmet and a concrete wall, the etiquette is to let the faster driver through, especially if he holds the line and is level with you. You absolutely do not push him into the wall. It's fucking mental even to try it.

The other thing is Schumi has previous form in this area. He's obviously pissed off that he's such a pile of wank after his comeback, and is pulling all this crap all over again. Cunt.