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Just in case it gets pulled ...

... when the author realises he's being a complete fucking tool, I'm ripping and posting this:

Right Wing Extremist Spies on Climate Campers with British Army Equipment

Nick Martian | 21.08.2010 17:24 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Workers' Movements | Liverpool | World

There appears to have been a deadly serious game of cat and mouse going on between environmental activists, a local Scottish journalist, and the right wing extremist who has been threatening violence against the Camp for Climate Action in Edinburgh.

Boasting that he is a professional soldier recently returned from fighting in Afghanistan where he says he killed Muslims for reading Islamic literature, and now posting his threats on Twitter under the name “wearethebritish” the extremist claims to have been using British Army military surveillance equipment to spy on the climate campers.

He is believed to be a member of the English Defence League, a right wing organisation that targets Muslim groups and he has been posting messages of hatred against the climate camp to other members of the EDL.

Local journalist Jono Warren who posts on Twitter as “nmec” was alerted by LutherBlissetts, one of the climate camp activists, to the fact that the Camp for Climate Action was being threatened:

LutherBlissetts @nmec - wearethebritish says he has gun metal Aston, lives one hour away from climate camp and intends to pay 'scruffy squatters' a visit
@nmec has EDL @wearethebritish turned up to Climate Camp yet?
Nmec @LutherBlissetts Not that I'm aware of.

The wearethebritish spy however was apparently not far away from the climate camp also posting his Twitter messages:
wearethebritish Sitting in car somewhere in Edinburgh - laptop on 3G - have extremists from climate camp under close observation - dull people haven't noticed
Drove to edinburgh to put climate camp under close observation total anti climax – utter non-entities – complete #fail
@ShugNiggurath have been watching them up close - rag tag bunch of hysterical useful fools – climate camp carbon footprint very high

wearethebritish @PoliticalFun check out @LutherBlissetts - he's 'alerted' some kid with a camera to my proximity and dull boy hasn't even seen me
PoliticalFun @wearethebritish I've just found the tweet, hilarious!
You take the guy out of the military but you just can't get the military out of the guy! What surveillance equipment you got?
Are you hunting?
wearethebritish @PoliticalFun "What surveillance equipment you got?" - because they are so pre-occupied with their obsession all I need is a Mk 1 Eyeball

PoliticalFun @wearethebritish are you sitting there taunting them?
wearethebritish @PoliticalFun "are you sitting there taunting them?" - lol, no, they aren't worthy of action - mostly spoilt middle class kids - nobodies
AlJahom @wearethebritish a muck-spreader fully of slurry would be perfect for them. @PoliticalFun
wearethebritish @PoliticalFun @AlJahom climate camp comes with its own self-contained dung heap - a walking squawking steaming midden of irrelevance
wearethebritish @PoliticalFun guys a twat isn't he - these guys think they are so dangerous, so radical, so 'underground' .... the world is lol'ing at them

wearethebritish @ShugNiggurath oh yes - plenty of methane coming out of both ends - truth is that climate camp is a toothless figure of fun and ridicule
wearethebritish come on tweeps - let's all gather round to point and lol at the spoilt little rich kids of climate camp
Tamsin53 @wearethebritish agree some of the anarchy people come from middle class well off families - just thinking of the Redgrave family
wearethebritish @Tamsin53 climate camps kiddies are a laughing stock - multi-billion RBS won't take any notice of them, even Police are openly lol'ing at them

wearethebritish so far climate camp is an absolute failure but then a few spoilt middle class kids were never going to make a dent in a multi-billion corp
The people of Edinburgh couldn't care less about climate camp 'activists' they know RBS is good for their city & soon climate camp will leave
Overweight students should diet not riot - not that soft-skinned spoilt little tubby munchkins are any good at rioting either climate camp
Templar1128 @wearethebritish yes the farmer should use the tractors to push the layabouts off his land.. bet they're claiming benefits though..

LutherBlissetts @wearethebritish climate is changing. precession & glaciation cycle beyond our control yet effects of anthropic change not beyond our control
wearethebritish @LutherBlissetts afternoon sherlock - too bad we didn't meet - maybe next time sonny
@Political_Fun my twittercrush hates me...... isn't it fun
CynaraeStMary @wearethebritish Who could hate you?

Political_Fun @AlJahom Eh? Who's beans I want to know who @wearethebritish has a lefty crush on??
wearethebritish @Political_Fun it's the climate camp chic ....
wearethebritish @AmeliaGregory why? well a) I like her name, I once dated an Amelia from Kenya (Happy Valley type) b) She has guts & drive c) She hates me
wearethebritish all the chics now checking out my twittercrush
wearethebritish @AmeliaGregory we're talking about you ....
@AmeliaGregory I'm just round the corner from Jenners if you want to meet me for afternoon tea & buns!

The right wing extremist who calls himself “wearethebritish” and who has been posting threats of violence against the Camp for Climate Action seems to have spent the afternoon spying on the climate camp, avoiding being seen by the journalist he knew was looking for him, and posting his unpleasant messages on Twitter.

Maybe he is just the cowardly clown that he appears to be but threatening to burn down the climate camp and using British Army surveillance equipment to spy on the climate campers is probably illegal, and the fact is that a lot of people are now taking this man and the rest of the members of his group very seriously, just in case they might be as dangerous and murderous as they claim to be.

Nick Martian
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storm in a fucking teacup

21.08.2010 18:07

So some EDLer got his knickers in a twist about climate camp, went to have a look and then slagged it off to his mates.. so what? That ain't news, at least not on my planet..

As for surveillance equipment, did you actually *read* what the guy said?!? A 'Mk1 Eyeball'.

It's a joke. It means he's using his /eyes/ to spy on them.



what a load of bollox

21.08.2010 18:21

title says it all


The author has made an embarrassing idiot of himself

21.08.2010 18:31

Lol. What a muppet. Im going to wipe my arse with Mk1 Toilet paper because i just shat myself laughing

corporal jones

Dear imc admins

21.08.2010 19:24

Please could we have indymedia back. Thank you.

Sick of numpty's

EDL Media??

21.08.2010 20:14

Let's rename this site EDL Media from now I mean for fuck's sake...I bet if someone from the EDL farted it will be reported here IN CAPITAL LETTERS tommorow. If a group of EDL grunts were battered somwhere, someplace in the country then yeah it's fucking awesome but don't report and on every single thing that they do as they enjoy all the publicity.

Ginger Militant

there could be a massacre at climate camp

21.08.2010 21:56

A Mk1 Eyeball is actually the code name for a top secret british army electronic surveillance device capable of spying on the enemy from long range providing sharp clear images which can guide weapons to their target.
It is highly illegal for this equipment to be taken and used except in war zones because it can be connected to the latest weaponry which can wipe out large numbers of people in a split second.

General Disaster and Major Catastrophe

No it doesn't

21.08.2010 22:54

Stop trying to worm out of it. The article is a fabrication of paranonia and stupidity and you know it.

Mk1 Eyeball has and always has meant to use your normal sight.
Google it


shouldn't this be on facebook or something? He's prob not even edl [sdl]

21.08.2010 22:58

This is rubbish can indy hide it?


the working class can kiss my arse

21.08.2010 23:22

the soldiers. . police.. journalists.. and all the rest of the working class peasants dont know their place
pip pip!
tally ho!

drippy little posh fucks

Is there more to this than meets the eye?

21.08.2010 23:59

This could all be far more dangerous than it seems.
"Gun metal Aston" is army slang for secret top of the range sniper rifles similar to the weapons used by James Bond.

General Disaster and Major Catastrophe

Climate campers should not be risking their lives like this

22.08.2010 00:04

The fascist EDL extremist is threatening to come back to the climate camp on Monday.
He should be reported to the police and the media should be asked to help provide the campers with as much protection as possible otherwise this could turn into a tragedy.

Nick Martian

@ Nick Martian - calm down man

22.08.2010 02:30

did you not read the tweet where he says "they aren't worthy of action", hes not going to attack the camp; calm down, have a cup of tea, smoke a spliff, take a valium, whatever it takes. Just dont go calling the police onto climate camp, its not very anarchist at all.

Joe Lee


22.08.2010 09:45

Someone break out the emergency supplies & give Nick Martin a chill pill.

please don't get in tiss over this non issue that should just amuse.

home Homepage:

Go back to Mars

22.08.2010 11:54

Nick Martian should be banned from the SCC before his blubbing floods the camp. Nick, you have embarrassed yourself, and you are an embarrassment to the SCC and to IM.

I think the only thing I can add to that is a) pwned, mega-super-ultra-to-the-power-of-infinity pwned, pwned beyond anything 4chan could dream of; and b) a Mk 1 eyeball is not fucking military equipment, you fucking retard!

Update: Check out his hysterical twatter feed.


RantinRab said...

What a bell end!!

Anonymous said...

Rules one and two Obo.

Obnoxio The Clown said...


Anonymous said...

MK1 eyeball...Army/RAF term for plain sight target acquisition.

Smug now?

Mitch said...

ot but you gotta watch this

Schlumpf23 said...

His Twitter feed is hilarious, 'afraid to come out of his tent', a twat of the highest order!

Kingbingo said...


Why does this numpty deserve the attention?

Rationalist said...