Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dale Farm

It is a truism that if the UN is united on something, then the correct thing to do is the exact opposite of what they are saying:

The government must suspend the "immature and unwise" eviction of 400 Travellers from Essex green belt and seek a peaceful solution, the UN and a European human rights group said.

So, let me get this straight: things are so fucking peaceful and perfect in the rest of the world that the UN has enough time to give a shit about 400 pikeys getting hoofed out of an illegal settlement? No-one is dying in a war or famine or something?

Well, that's just fucking excellent news, for a change. Because, of course, if millions of people were dying in genocides or catastrophes, and the UN was bitching about a perfectly legal eviction from England's precious "green belt", well, then they'd look like a fucking bunch of cocksniffing fuckwits, wouldn't they?

Oh, they are a bunch of cocksniffing fuckwits, then.

This whole Dale Farm thing really gets on my tits. I don't believe that all of England's greenery is as fucking sacred as it's made out to be and so I'm quite in favour of people using land to fucking build houses on and stop the ludicrous home-ownerism in this country.

But as much as I believe that planning permission is a crock of shit, I believe more in the rule of law. And if I have to go through a mire of cunt soup to build an extension on my existing home, I can't see why a bunch of fucking pikeys can do whatever the fuck they like and not only get away with it, but get the fucking UN involved in sucking their collective cocks.

It's the same fucking thing with closed sessions at the public pool for Muslim women. Jesus. Imagine if I said that I wanted the pool for three hours a week exclusively for CoE males - I'd be laughed out of the fucking building. Yet here in this godforsaken corner of England, there are times I am not allowed to enter the swimming pool because my gender and creed are not the one whose cock gets sucked by every diversity-coordinating fuckmong in the country.

I think by and large most people, not just the British, are pretty tolerant of strangers. But everybody resents minorities who trade on the minorityness to get things that are forbidden to the rest of us.

So on balance, I'm going to say: fuck the pikeys, fuck the UN, and God help me ... I'm rooting for Basildon Council.


Anonymous said...

More!! More!!

Roll on the 19th when it gets reduced to rubble. Then the Pikeys can move in with all those sickening leftie cock trumpets infesting the DaleFarm hash on Twatter.

JuliaM said...

" I'm quite in favour of people using land to fucking build houses on and stop the ludicrous home-ownerism in this country."

Not sure how building more homes is going to do that... ;)

Obnoxio The Clown said...

"Home-ownerism" is the cult of using planning permission to restrict the supply and variety of houses available and to transfer wealth to homeowners at the expense of people in general.

Not the owning of homes.

John James said...

"So on balance, I'm going to say: fuck the pikeys, fuck the UN, and God help me ... I'm rooting for Basildon Council."

Obo, you're a cunt.

Dominic A said...

What mocktheleft said...

Plus I reckon there's a money making opportunity on eviction night.

Set up a temporary grandstand and spotlights and sell the tickets. I'm sure there would be plenty of demand.

For those that can't get tickets or travel, perhaps setting it up on Pay Per View would net a few quid too.


Ed P said...

Perhaps Vanessa fucking moronic left wing shit-spout Redgrave will invite them all to camp on her lawn.

RantinRab said...

Back on form at last, you jizz gargling cock juggler. And I mean that in a nice way.


microdave said...

"I'd be laughed out of the fucking building." - I suspect you'd be escorted out of the building in handcuffs, on "Race Hate" charges...

I don't see why the authorities need put themselves at risk - just barricade the access points and starve the fuckers out!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Obo, that's an excellent definition of Home-Owner-Ism. Otherwise agreed, however stupid a law is, it's usually best if we all abide by it (or even better if nobody abides by it) but not some do and some don't.

ManNotNumber said...

Rocking stuff.

Jill said...

What Mark said.

kitler said...

'But as much as I believe that planning permission is a crock of shit, I believe more in the rule of law'

So you've abandoned anarchy Obo? Thats a shame.

Its my opinion that the pikies have become the government in that area and are not a pleasant one at that. I'm sure the essex lads could overthrow them were Englishmen not fobidden from protecting themselves, but since they are its up to Basildon Council to banrupt its taxpayers removing the scum. And god help whoever gets the fuckers move in next door once they are moved on.

I do think it's a shame that pikies are such horrible bastards because there is far more to admire about their way of life than our own infantilised serfdom.

Woman on a Raft said...

Today Tommy Robinson of the EDL is sharing Bedford gaol with anybody from the Greenacres Slave Traders camp who couldn't be fitted in to Bedford nick pending enquiries. Just sayin'.

I suspect the Dale Farm issue was put off until the scheduled Greenacres operation was dealt with, and they'll be pushed to get through it by next Monday so the specialist units can get over there.

My Special Correspondent (Grammer Raft) went to Wickford on Saturday to have a chat to the polis as they had to supervise a march by people described as 'hangers on'.

She says that the council are being seen to be as helpful as possible to individual travellers but that they won't have the planning rules flouted. Despite the expense, the council has solid support from the taxpayers who broadly agree with Obo.

Whether the planning rules should be relaxed is a separate issue.

TommyC said...

Fuck the theiving gyppo bastards, they're a fucking parasite on the arsehole of humanity. Good honest hardworking.....pish and bollocks. Lie through their teeth, rip you off, thieve the eye outta yer head and leave a small sewer behind when they fuck off and infest somewhere else. Only our soft as shite government allows these wank stains to play the system. Apparently we owe them somewhere to live....yep, it's called a house you fuckwits.