Thursday, 15 September 2011

The professionally aggrieved

This bloke had a disagreement with his girlfriend. He went to the pub and stayed out all night while his girlfriend stayed home sobbed her eyes out.

Now click here.


Or was your first thought "This shirt excuses domestic violence"? Like twitter did?

The professionally aggrieved saw this shirt and immediately started seeding twitter with "Look at this shirt, it makes domestic violence into a joke". Now if you look at the shirt again, thinking about domestic violence, it also makes perfect sense.

But crucially, it would make sense in almost any relationship dispute, violent or not. The frame of mind you're in when you first see the shirt has a massive impact on how you take it.

Needless to say, of course, that TopMan have pulled the shirt.


Ivor Grumble said...

The t-shirt makes excuses for a male's obnoxious behaviour. Whether it's smashing his girlfriends face in, or throwing a tantrum and staying out all night. Female, YOU made me do this.

How about a t-shirt that says 'I'm a real man, not an immature little cunt, we had an argument, talked about it, reached an understanding, then fucked like rabbits all night'

Botzarelli said...

The shirt fulfils a valuable function. It allows hysterical twitterati to decide that the wearer is a dick because he conforms to their idea of someone who might beat their partner. It allows the wearer to indicate that they don't care what the hysterical twitterati think because their partner will understand what they mean by wearing it (eg it could be the contrition shirt - "I'm so sorry that I'm prepared to be treated like a wife-beating rapist by lunatic strangers all day", sort of like Bruce Willis' "I hate niggers" sandwich board in Die Hard 3.

All achieved at considerably less cost than local social services and charities employing DV outreach workers to explain to men why hitting their girlfriends is a bad thing.

RantinRab said...

So that's what all the fuss was about yesterday. I was too busy searching for pics of Scarlett's tits.

Anyway, I've got a t shirt like that. It's a Scotland football top.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Clown

Do t-shirts have to be worn by blokes?

Just asking.


JuliaM said...

I think the answer is 'no', since I'm wearing one now!

Anonymous said...

we had an argument, talked about it, reached an understanding, then fucked like rabbits all night'

I agree. Rohypnol should be OTC. Solve many problems.

dangph said...

Uh, what did the shirt say? Since they don't sell the shirt any more, we can't see what it said.

Anonymous said...

What are you on about? There's fuck all there, you cunt.