Tuesday 27 September 2011

Striking off

"Dear fellow socialists, time has come for us to acknowledge that there is a group in society, who have an insidious and far-reaching power; a group who claims to seek truth and act in our best interests, yet has a much darker aim; a group that is completely unaccountable and even when caught acting in an improper manner will escape all but the most symbolic and trite of punishments.

"I therefore propose that politicians be licensed and placed on a register, and if struck off from this register, they will not be allowed to politic at the rest of us ever again."

-- Ivan Lewis, not at all an authoritarian fuckwit, not at all speaking out of his fucking arse later today.


Uncle Marvo said...

He's right though.

Barnacle Bill said...

What a brilliant idea!
It should have been in place when the Telegraph broke the MPs expenses scandal.
Still better late than never, let's get an e-petition going?