Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Oh, for FUCK'S sake, Ed!

The man is clearly a fucking idiot:

Private equity firms and businesses deemed to be “asset strippers” will face higher taxes under a Labour government, Ed Miliband will warn tomorrow.

And how will you know that, Ed? Will it be if someone rats them out? Will you have inspectors who go round analysing businesses to identify

companies with the “wrong values” who do not create jobs, invest in companies or train their staff

So the options are:

  • Employers will be at the whim of employees who may take every rejection of jazzed-up training as an excuse to try and get their employer the higher tax level;
  • Labour will employ thousands of inspectors to make sure that every business meets a checklist of bollocks criteria that will do nothing to prevent "bad" behaviour, but cost the taxpayer billions;


  • Ed is blowing smoke up the party faithful's collective ringmeat.

And, of course, there is the tiny but hardly irrelevant matter that asset stripping is, in fact, wealth creation. You fucking idiot.

Oh, I can't wait until these cunts get back into power. Happy days.


JuliaM said...

He's shaping up to be even worse than Brown! :)

Michael Fowke said...

Businesses will just leave the fucking country.

Anonymous said...

What you're all forgetting is what Labour's track record for winning elections is like. Over the last thirty years, they've had no less than SEVEN different leaders, including Red Ed, and of this motley parade of failure only one single one of 'em ever demonstrated a capability for winning elections.

That man was Tony Blair, and he was an exceptional Labour leader. He rose to prominence much more quickly than is normal, he was intelligent, good at acting in a likeable manner (enough to gull most idiots, anyway, and unfortunately idiots have votes too), and actually remarkably good at the horrendous task of keeping a collection of Trots, Marxists and assorted Lefties on-message.

There are very, very few Tony Blairs in this world and the current Labour Party doesn't contain any; they're back to their normal collection of oxygen-thieves, gibberers and throw-backs. The Labour Party internal leader selection process is severely broken, and always has been. The Labour Party booting-out-idiot-leaders process is similarly so broken as to be useless (and I cite Gordon Brown as supporting evidence here). Basically, to get to the Labour Leadership you have to spend half a lifetime immersed in the steamy world of Labour Party politics, slowly climbing upwards until you become leader. This process ensures that all Labour leaders who tread this path are unelectable twerps.

Stop bloody worrying; until they fix this process (and they've not even realised it is broken yet) they'll stay in opposition.

Barnehurst Bob said...

Have to agree with the good doctor. When the left of the Labour party and the union puppeteers are happy with the leader. Then Labour are
unelectable. Sleep easy Obo.

Michael Fowke said...

The Doctor has made me feel a bit better.

Anonymous said...

It's very easy for Ed to create a list of 'Good' companys. All he has to do is cut and pase from the list of Labour party donations.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, I can't wait until these cunts get back into power."

Please Obo, don't even fucking jest! =:O

JuliaM said...
"He's shaping up to be even worse than Brown! :)"