Wednesday 29 June 2016

#Brexit - some thoughts

So,the unthinkable has happened and Britain has voted out. Already, our betters and wisers are shouting the odds about how we were sold a pack of lies, a pro-EU narrative from pro-EU media is being built on the handful of Leave voters with buyer's remorse (which happens at every election).

The Leave leaders weren't expecting to win, but despite being barred from access to the civil service or any of the perks of the incumbent Remainers, they're now being called on for answers.

This despite them not actually having the power to, you know, do anything.

One unfortunate side effect, and it's pointless to deny this, is that racists are using the result to become bolder. They feel that because the country voted out and because some of that was anti-EU-migration, they are now justified in hurling abuse at all foreigners. To claim that Brexit somehow provoked this is stupid, but it's equally stupid to pretend that a racist might not now feel empowered to spew their shit. It does, however, prove that political correctness and decades of no-platforming and relentless anti-racism have actually achieved fuck all.

It's also true that there has been some nervousness regarding the markets and the Pound. However, I lay this squarely at door of the kack-useless Dishface, who immediately resigned, while Gidiot went into hiding. This did more to upset the markets, which fear uncertainty (although it's also where money is to be made!) than the actual Brexit. If Dishface had resigned after saying "This is the plan.." I'm fairly sure the markets wouldn't have batted an eyelid.

Anyway, it turns out that there is a fairly simple way out of this that will almost certainly satisfy no-one completely, but will keep Remainers happy (apart from federast ultras) and ensure that those (like me) who believe that EU governance is an issue, while wishing to retain the good things like free trade and free movement. The Norway option seems to be on the table and would be a good compromise. And believe it or not, I do think EU free movement is a good thing.

If our civil service made EU citizens who want to come here subject to the same rules we have if we want to settle there, there probably wouldn't be the same level of antipathy towards the EU - so it it might be a good time to rethink this. (I don't think it's great, I'd rather the EU adopted our approach and just guaranteed the right to live, but that's not going to happen!)

The sight of grown men and women leaping on every bit of bad news and blaming it on Brexit and talking down the country is very nearly as upsetting as feeling it's ok to be a racist cunt, so can everyone just please fuck off now?

Oh, and blogger is shit on an iPad, so any mistakes or clumsy phrasing you point out: go fuck yourself, yeah?


Dr Evil said...

They just need telling to let it go. They lost. Sore losers, but that's democracy. We could play hard ball and just keep saying No and freezing the EU until we get the best deal possible with respect to the single market and that might mean quotas of EU citizens with the right qualifications or training. I can accept that but certainly not thousands of unemployed Roma gypsies. Those scum posting racist garbage through letter boxes and shouting in the street need dealing with by the police and courts.

Anonymous said...

So what happened to the Twitter clown on ?

Have you lost control? Arrr... Diddums.

Love from @TrollULike