Monday, 10 November 2008

You will read what we want you to read

Kind thanks to these people:

Dr. Kim Howells MP
Rt Hon Michael Ancram QCDL MP
Rt Hon Sir Alan Beith MP
Mr Ben Chapman MP
Rt. Hon. Lord Foulkes of Cumnock
Rt Hon George Howarth MP
Rt Hon Michael Mates MP
Mr Richard Ottaway MP
Ms Dari Taylor MP

Why should we thank them? Because they have provided proof, if it were needed, that none of the LibLabCon parties give a flying fuck for the rights of the people who ostensibly vote for them:

Britain's security agencies and police would be given unprecedented and legally binding powers to ban the media from reporting matters of national security, under proposals being discussed in Whitehall.

The Intelligence and Security Committee, the parliamentary watchdog of the intelligence and security agencies which has a cross-party membership from both Houses, wants to press ministers to introduce legislation that would prevent news outlets from reporting stories deemed by the Government to be against the interests of national security.

Make no mistake, my fellow drones: the governing classes have no interest whatsoever in looking after anyone but themselves.


Guthrum said...

Bastards- MP's expenses are invariably covered under Nation Security

The Penguin said...

Well, you wouldn't want the truth to come out would you? Not if you had so much blood on your hands (funny that there was so little blood on Dr Kelly's!) or so much to hide (the fiddled expenses, the adultery, the treason, bribery, cheating and lying). Still, if there is a problem, get that nice fellow withthe big bucket of whitewash, what was his name? ... Hutton! That's the chap, be bound to cover it all up nicely.

The Penguin
Penguinus Hatesthelotofthem

John Pickworth said...

We already have a well established system (D Notices) for warning the media away from sensitive disclosures. You've got to ask yourself why they need even greater powers?

You know what I think? I think [Redacted - comments may provide useful to a terrorist organisation] and another thing, when is Brown going to [Redacted - comments about our Glorious Leader awaiting approval by Minister for Blogging]. Its all well and good of course but when you consider how much [Redacted - unauthorised discusion about Ministerial pay may harm the national economic interest]. Then there's the thing with Brown and [Redacted - sexual content not suitable for a young audience below the ages of 124]. Sod it! I'm off to the pub [Redacted - comments likely to incite excess consumption of alcohol and therefore undermine the nation's ability to fight terrorism].

In all seriousness... I cannot help wondering if this is just an excuse to extend the scope of the current gag? What's the betting that any new law would also apply to bloggers too?

Bristol Dave said...

As John said, I thought D Notices already existed specifically for this purpose.

Anyone know where an unofficial collection of rumoured D Notices are? I know one was allegedly of Operation Ore unearthing some nasty secrets within the Labour government...