Tuesday, 23 December 2008

There is a God, after all!

Via the excellent Counting Cats comes some truly uplifting news that should gladden the heart of every reader:

Organic farmers have asked the Government for permission to take a “holiday” from strict organic standards in an attempt to survive the recession.

In other words, we're not making enough money, so can we please fuck our "principles" to compete?

And even better:

In its attempt to cut costs, Toyota has scaled back production of many of its vehicle lines, including the Prius, and postponed the new factory investment in Mississippi. Also, even Toyota, which has strived relentlessly to establish its image as an environmentally conscious carmaker, can see that with crude prices back in double digits, the consumers are cheerfully postponing their need to go green.

Those pesky consumers! Always thinking with their wallets!

So, it's clear to me that "green fashion" will be one of the major casualties of the credit crunch.

Bring it on!


DavidNcl said...

Yes, the suffering of the organic farmers.

Made my £291 bill at BMW (for my planet killin' 4.4L beaut) this AM quite palatable - I just kept imagining the repossessions to come. Crying kid's, wet teddy bears in the rain, strained wives with streaked make up, possessions in the mud. Woot!

Nothing's too bad for farmers - collectivist subsidy monkeys to a man. I can recall one on the radio ever so recently telling me that "food's too cheap" in today's consumerist society and telling me what a curse supermarkets are.

Organic farmers (£22 pound chickens less than 600 meters from here) are beyond the beyond. Pedaling lies to fearful fools.

Burn baby burn.

Roger Thornhill said...

I wish no ill on farmers, but to those who think food is too cheap: how about YOU donating the difference between what you spend and think you should spend to a charity that helps people escape subsistence farming, fr'instance. No, not pester the govt to raise taxes upon us all, just put your own money where your big mouth is.