Tuesday, 23 December 2008


I always take the piss out of the cheese-eating surrender monkeys, but really, I admire them more than anything else:

A maverick lawyer who styles himself the motorists' defender has vowed to bring the French justice system to its knees via a groundbreaking website that automatically challenges radar-generated speeding convictions.

After just one month in operation, the site - www.direct-avocat.com - already has 120,000 subscribers, who for a maximum fee of just 8 (roughly £7) have been helped to file legal objections against fines or the deduction of licence points.

For Yannick Rio, who devised the software with the help of an American car users' association, the aim is to flood the courts with so many appeals that they are unable to cope. Under the French penal code, the punishments will lapse if the challenges are unanswered after a year.

Rio says he is providing an outlet for the growing anger in France at the proliferation of radars and other controls, and at the undiscriminating manner with which the state uses them to collect hundreds of millions of euros every year.

Can we not do something similar? Imagine if every single speeding fine in this country was challenged ... the courts would collapse. Is there an enterprising lawyer out there?

Or do you reckon (like I do) that the apathetic average British retard will be too scared in case he gets in trouble for standing up for himself?


Fidothedog said...

The public are fucking sheep, time after time they get arse fucked and Gordon even charges them for lube.

Anonymous said...

Aren't all you Libertarian Party guys good with computers? Could be a good publicity stunt.

Mark Wadsworth said...

What eu007 says.

Maybe include an automated appeal thing for people who get stopped for having a St George's Cross or Union Flag on the llicence plate? Which I never wanted to have until I found out that they were illegal, now I can't decide which I'd prefer.

banned said...

This could be a start

"A barrister has built an argument that speed cameras are illegal while defending a client in court.
It seems around ten million prosecutions, including fixed penalty cases, have been based on unapproved devices."


Mark Wadsworth, they U-turned on that one last week and we will now be " allowed " to display the Cross of St. George, Saltire or something Welsh.
They didn't say so but the picture makes it clear that it must be alongside the Ring O' Stars.
Merry Christmas from a Grateful Citizen

Old Holborn said...