Sunday, 15 February 2009

The answer is "no"

Will Paul Moore prove to be the Prime Mentalist's downfall?

Moore is astonishingly calm, considering he has just been through the most tumultuous week of his life. For, within a few days, the unknown 50-year-old barrister-cum-banking expert has become the country's celebrity whistleblower. It was his explosive evidence that rocked the Treasury Select Committee's hearing on the banking crisis, leading to the astonishingly rapid resignation of Sir James Crosby, one of the Prime Minister's top advisers and City regulators.

Now, as we reveal today, he wants Gordon Brown to take the rap for his part in creating the credit boom, allowing people to borrow too much, and for letting us go bust. There is more to come. Moore is about to lob his next missile. This week he will be sending some of the more than 30 new documents he has compiled in his time at HBOS to the clerk of the select committee as new evidence, which he says will support his allegations of reckless lending at the bank.

But he never sought to be centre-stage like this. It was only 11 days ago that he even knew there was a Treasury Select Committee being held on the banking crisis, and on the HBOS débâcle specifically. "I read about it in one of the papers last Tuesday and decided within minutes to make my case," he says. "I then sat down, wrote 5,000 words in a day, and sent it to them last Friday morning ahead of the hearing."

That's all good and well, and it will certainly not improve the Gorgon's position, but it's very difficult for the Labour Party to evict a leader, unlike the Tories. And the feartie fuckwit of Fife has his hands on the levers of power now, and they will only be prised from his cold, dead hands.

So no, if he's survived all the fuckups he's made to date, this ain't gonna do shit.


The Penguin said...

Best he keep away from the woods, though.

The Penguin

baldrick said...

Sounds like the old song...
If you go down to the woods today your in for a big suprise
If you go down to the woods today you´d better go in disguise..............

Odin's Raven said...

Why would any Labour politician want to take over from Brown now? There would be pressure to hold an immediate election, since two unelected prime ministers in succession would make the lack of democracy in this country too obvious. The greedy MP's want to make all the money they can before losing the eventual election, so the turkeys won't vote for Christmas.

Brown still has a service to perform for his party. He will be blamed for losing the next election. His potential successors will also blame him for the whole New Labour project, and will try to create a new image, dissociating themselves from the mess they will have left to the Tories, blaming the Tories for the misery that will abound, and raising some new fantasy to befuddle fools. Sound familiar?

The Penguin said...

You assume the cunts are rational, Mr Raven.

The Penguin

Oldrightie said...

I hate them for their dogmatic belief in every size fits all. Twats.

woman on a raft said...

Harriet would be prepared to take over on the condition that she gets a two-election run. She's prepared to lose the first one gracefully, but then stick in for five easy years in opposition - it's a cushy number - and still be just inside the credible age limit for at least one term as Britain's second female PM.

She's in physically better nick than Thatcher was as she has kept herself very tidy, and she carried enough votes in the party to persuade the MPs that she'd be reasonably attractive at the ballot box (ok, not here, but outside the blogbubble, where people don't know her).

Even as leader of the Opposition, Harriet gets to have a reasonable number of photos with the likes of Hillary Clinton, and her chums in the BBC will give her an easy ride, plus she'd be the First Female Labour leader so she'd get her little note in the history books.

Gaggin' for it, she is. She won't knife him herself, but she reckons she can take it if he steps down for health reasons (i.e. it would be much better for his health if he stepped down).

However, Obo is probably right - this is a cold, dead hands scenario.