Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Even when they're right, they're wrong

Everyone's favourite ginger sex addict is at it again:

Although warning that people should not set out to "deliberately offend people" or make racist jokes, she believes that there should be more scope for people to express themselves.

Wrong already, you jumped-up little cuntweasel. Go fuck yourself.

"What I don't want to see happen is because people are frightened of an over-reaction they don't raise the issue," she said. "What I don't want people to say is that Muslims will be offended by Christmas, because they are not. There is this presumption that we don't do things because people will be offended."

She also called for more common sense to stop accusations of "political correctness gone mad".

Miss Blears drew attention to an alleged case of a school which left lights on at night in case potential burglars injured themselves in the dark.

So far, so Daily Mail. But the kicker is this:

Ministers should be ready to draw a clear "dividing line" between groups which they will and will not talk to, excluding those whose views and practices sit outside the "core values" of mainstream Britain, the Communities Secretary will say.

Because, of course, ONLY government ministers of the Labour persuasion know who is is inside and outside the "core values" of mainstream Britain, don't they?

Even when the little chipmunk is apparently saying something commonsensical, she still manages to turn it into more totalitarian cock sniffing.

Hazel, babe, this right-wing corrosive rates your speech as: "epic fail." Go fuck yourself with a rusty spade.


Oldrightie said...

Go fuck yourself with a rusty spade.
No, no, she might enjoy it.

Roger Thornhill said...

Just my reaction, Obo.

Who the HELL is she to declare what are "core values"?

Umbongo said...

Your favourite redhead is going to tackle extremism by engaging with Muslim radicals whose "core values" are apparently the same as ours - she must be thinking of the scum who groomed this bloke.

JuliaM said...

"...she must be thinking of the scum who groomed this bloke."

All gone quiet on that now the patsy has been locked up, I see...

Leg-iron said...

I wonder if she's getting ready to declare 'a certain party' illegal?

That's going to kick up some trouble if she does.