Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Good grief!

Moonbat must have something in his drinking water!

Suddenly, Labour looks like the force that might never recover. Has any party in modern politics done more to squander the goodwill that swept it into power?

Not that I know of!

England, the great colonising nation, has become a colony. It is governed by a Scotsman who uses foreign mercenaries - Scottish, Welsh and Irish MPs - to suppress parliamentary revolts over purely English affairs. There is still no democratic forum in which English interests can be discussed only by English representatives. The unfairness is staggering, the silence stranger still.

One of the peculiarities of UK politics is that issues supported by hardly anyone receive majority assent in parliament. In the current system, no popular support is required. University top-up fees, for example, were rejected by the Scottish and Welsh assemblies, but Scottish and Welsh MPs were frogmarched through the lobbies to impose them on England (the government won by five votes). Foundation hospitals were voted down in both Wales and Scotland, and foisted on the English by the representatives of those nations. Had Heathrow's third runway been debated only by English MPs, the proposal would have been resoundingly defeated; it was approved by 19 votes, after 67 MPs from the other nations were induced to support the government. They can support such measures without any electoral risk, as their constituents are not directly affected. Devolution, which has had such beneficial consequences here in Wales and across the other borders, has left the English high and dry.

WTF? Is Polly going to stop talking out of her arsehole next?


bella gerens said...


Curmudgeon said...

I was utterluy gobsmacked by this. I've always regarded Monbiot as one of the most loathsome creatures on the British political scene; after all, he once called me an antisocial bastard. Yet here he is saying something I broadly agree with.

Wonders will never cease!

microdave said...

There have been several stories like this in the past few days that offer the faintest glimmer of hope for this country. God knows we need something to cheer us up....

The Penguin said...

Blimey, that's twice I have agreed with him. I hope it's not me.

The Penguin.

Oldrightie said...

Two questions here, first answer no, second, on that Polly go Heavily woman, she has only one functioning orifice, ergo NO also.

The Filthy Smoker said...

Every now and then he remembers to take his medication. It never lasts.

SaltedSlug said...

Thank Christ that wasn't just me. I was reading that via the RSS feed without noticing the author, I was nodding sagely to myself until I saw who wrote it. Then I had to re-read it certain I must have missed the madness. Egads and gadzooks.

The Refuser said...

Fucking hellski I actually agree with the chump. I suspect though this is unlikely to prove to be his Damascene conversion. Maybe like all good Liberal converts he was mugged?

Anonymous said...

He has been mugged - just like the rest of us.

jan gee said...

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Anonymous said...

I think this is one Gift Horse you should look in the mouth...

Shug Niggurath said...

It's just rats doing what they do best

Faux Cu said...

If you check your facts you will find Obnoxio that the foreign MPs, alien to the peculiar English nature of the debate and vote were Labour ones.

The SNP have a policy of not voting on any matter at Westminster which does not apply to the UK, as long as it exists.

Don't blame the Scots, blame Labour, based in London.

I do not know what the Welsh Nationalist attitude is to English matters vis a vis voting but I guess it should be similar to the SNP's

The Ulster vote is available to the highest bidder as any self respecting whore would expect.

Beowulff said...

Only a Guardianista could have taken so long to come to this conclusion. Creep !

In the meantime, we're singing,

'Bye Bye Caledonian Pie'

and to keep our spirits up,

Will ye no go home again
Will ye no go home again
West Lothian left us unempowered
Will ye no go home again ? Soon

Let's hope they take the harpies, drones and the AlJaBeeba with them.
Just think, without the Celtic Labour fringe the Angles would be free !