Monday, 2 February 2009

Informix Roundup: 02 Feb 2009

DBA job in west Mids.

Eric has some stuff about migrating to 11.50.

Informix job in Prague. Tempting.

IOD EMEA and Informix Customer Advisory Council meeting.

Apparently, Informix is winning market share in Germany. (Warning ... rusty German skills!)

DBA job in Belgium.

Solaris Cluster 3.2 supports Informix.

Indiana IUG forming.

Colorado IUG meeting.

11.50.xC4 new features.

DBA job in Buenos Aires ... I think!

Eric's not convinced about IBM's marketing strategy.

Jerry Keesee in Czech.

I think something called Qtest might be able to use IDS as a repository. I don't speak French!

Creating an IBM Data Web Service with Microsoft Visual Studio.

Curious quote of the week:

I predict they will go the same way like Informix, which had good technology and got bought by IBM for its technology and then got 'dumped,' after their technology was grafted into IBM's own databases.

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Anonymous said...

> Informix job in Prague. Tempting.

Or rather it probably would be if the recruitment agency would disclose at least approximate numbers in their offer, but no.