Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Utterly useless motherfucking cunts

Oh for the sake of fucking fuck:

Local authorities could run out of salt to grit roads within three or four days as Britain faces a week of paralysis after the heaviest snow for at least 18 years, it has emerged.

So let me get this straight: you keep fucking around my rubbish collections, you spy on what I put in my bins, you want to invade my house to see who is living there, you want to hector and nanny me in every way, but you can't even keep enough salt around to keep us on the roads? I know a guy at a long-term weather facility, they've known this shit was coming for months.

Go long on piano wire and lamp-posts folks. We have a lot of work to do.


Leg-iron said...

I get salt from Tesco at 23p a kilogram. Cheaper than the cameras I use to watch my neighbours, if I did, which I don't and never through the bedroom windows in widescreen and HD, oh, dear me no, that would be exceptionlly naughty, and posting them on RedTube would be such a bad, bad, thing... ahem.

Anyway, salt is cheap. So is sand.

I'll get me coat.

Dave H said...

When it snows, round here they don't even bother to empty the bins. Apparently whilst it's not to dangerous to put them out, it's far too dangerous to empty them. I await the rebate or at least an apology.


The Scumbag said...

You can have our salt. No fucking snow left round here after it rained all night and it's a balmy 4 degrees outside with sunshine

T shirt & shorts weather in Newcastle

Chalcedon said...

And we plebs have known for about 2 weeks. Now it's simple arithmetic. How much does a gritter grit per unit surface area? What is the surface area of our roads in this authority? How many days is it likely to last. Multiply all three and hey fucking presto, the amount of salt required. So you buy said salt and get it shipped before the bloody snow falls.