Sunday, 8 March 2009


I see the paddies are kicking off again. Since they're much better at killing British people than the Muslims, does that now mean that we can now stop worrying about Al Qaeda?


Oldrightie said...

It all began in America and we need a global solution to this global crisis just off our western coast.
Still Woodwards Butler can sort it out.

The Penguin said...

Can't we by some clever ruse get the left-footers and the prods to regard the Muslims as the targets?

Surely Pope Adolf and the Very Reverend Paisley could work something out?

The Penguin.

slumgullion said...

My guess is that the NuIRA is probably already linked to AQ or one of its franchises. Remember the Provos used to train in various ME countries, often alongside Palestinian groups and Carlos the Jackal (now a Muslim convert calling for Jihad against the West.)

Also Libya's Colonel Ghadaffi was caught shipping money, arms and explosives to the IRA. Then it turned out he was also supplying Protestant paramilitaries! At the time this was taken as further proof of his lovable eccentricity/ insanity. But in the light of what we've learnt since 9/11, it makes perfect sense.

One lot of 'Christians' killing another lot of Christians using weapons paid for by petro-dollars - what's not to like if you're one of Allah's Chosen?

Anonymous said...

"Begorrah"? no need to make a joke out of murder. that goes for you too, Penguin. are you immune to tragedy? death and injury isn't a fucking joke. libertarians should condemn the use of force for political ends. i can't say i'm impressed with your flippancy.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Anonymong 16:19 -- you are Mary Honeyball MEP and ICMFP.

Anonymous said...

anonymong? i'm a member of the UKLP and live about 6 miles from the scene of the crime. we've seen enough crap for one lifetime in this part of the UK, we were hoping not to see any more. my sympathy to the families of the bereaved, good luck to the forces of law and order in their hunt for the criminals, and as for you, kindly take a flying fuck at yourself. i used to respect your blog and enjoy it, but go ahead, cry about speed limits as you laugh about young soldiers getting killed, it's only Paddyland after all.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Anonymong, you're clearly a professional victim. I hope that works out well for you.

Chris said...

Oh, and there goes the new manufactured threat to ensure that the next stage of the Surveillance State goes through. Right on time.

As usual, poor bloody Tommy Atkins is in the firing line. RIP

Anonymous said...

i've been in the army, i bet you haven't. i'm by no means a "professional victim", but you're a professional gurner. you sit on your arse and gurn. you're pleased with your smart little glib moronic answers to a regular reader who doesn't like jokes about soldiers being killed. "clearly" a professional victim? "Mary Honeyball?" thanks, that's very amusing. but why attempt a valid response, robust or otherwise? you can just apply a label, in true Righteous fashion. it might get a cheap laugh, but in any case the opposing viewpoint is dealt with, no thought required. familiar tactics, eh? so much for the mighty Obo, how very disappointing. now why not get back to your gurning, gurner, in yer true Professional Victim style?
how's this for starters, prick?
"bad man says my car's only to go at 50mph, hmmm.. if i leave home 10 mins early and watch my speed i won't be late, and it'll save fuel - but no! wait! let's GURN! Booh hooh sob sniff!!!"
(keyboard fx, repeat to fade..)

goodbye Obnoxio, you hypocritical, graceless, callous twat.

Best Regards

A Mong

Obnoxio The Clown said...

i've been in the army, i bet you haven't.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the one-eyed Scottish idiot will explain how ID cards would have stopped this happening.