Saturday, 7 March 2009

Bunch of wittering clits

Jesus, a bunch of right-on harpies has taken over LabourshitList. What a bunch of whingeing lightweights, all moaning about how fucking unfair life is.

Get a grip you fucking makeweight dribblers: you're all so fucking pathetic you make Derek Draper look like a blogging stud!


Oldrightie said...

I thought you were having a sojourn?
Anyway, what do you expect from lefities, Obbie? The blokes are either misogynistic neanderthals or effete Mandyboys. Mind you they supposedly run the country and look how brilliantly they do that!

Michael Fowke said...

Those leftie witches are a joke. They're complaining that there is no equality on the internet.

What they really mean is that there is no positive discrimination.

And that's why I love the net. A blogger lives or dies by what he or she writes.

Dennis said...

Oh wot a fucking shame, I am on my Linux box and my Mac is in the other room*, and it's on the Mac that I have the LabourShite bookmark, and I can't be bothered to Goo-goo-google or go and wake it up. So I will just have to miss the fun ...


Oh wot a fucking shame
It's just a fucking shame
Wot a fucking shame
The hunchback won't be able to read their right-on right but not right-wing shite

*i.e. elsewhere

John Pickworth said...

I'm pleased to say I've still not visited the Online Propaganda Unit and have no intention of doing so now.

It drives me crazy listening to the dribble coming out of the Pro's mouths on TV... I've no desire to see what the amateurs are up to on their little website.

Mummy said...

Oh my fucking god. I went and had a look (first visit to shitsite apart from following draperspat). I thought I'd have a nosy, me having tits and a fanny and all. Fucking christ I think I just had a stroke. 'Wittering Clits' is a fantastic description. No wonder Jaqboot, midget and the like got so far if this is there only competition. I read the articles untill I started to dribble a little bit. The general synopsis appears to be, I have a cunt, so give me a job, pay me loads to do it even if I'm completely shit at it. My advice to them, you want a lotta of dosh for having a twat, go be a prostitute, failing that, shut the fuck up. Sod 'the sisters' on this, I'm with the blokes.

Tiresias said...

I've just tried unsuccessfully to find a first class evisceration of Woman's Hour in the Guido archives.

I know it appeared on 19.12.08, the last Friday before Christmas, when it was even more of a general free-for-all than usual.

Some mensch really let 'em have it. "Piss, moan, piss, moan. Aren't men awful..."

If anyone can find it, please be kind enough to link.

While we're on it, Jenni Murri: what an old harpy, eh? The way she asks her guests to quantify emotions.

"So, Daphne, how devastated *were* you when your house burnt down?"

"(Tweet) Oh, I'd say about 80% devastated, Jenni! Piss, moan. Piss, moan. Aren't men awful."

Hags, the lot of 'em.