Friday, 20 March 2009

Call Me Dave and Blu Labour

Plus ça change, plus c'est la meme chose:

David Cameron signalled that the rich would have to pay “their fair share” to rescue the economy from the mounting crisis in the public finances.

It was made clear that hundreds of thousands of top earners would face paying the new rate — which Labour will also introduce after the election if they hang on to power — if Mr Cameron enters Number 10.

Yeah, you go for that, Dave. Nice bit of dogwhistle politics designed to attract Labour knuckledraggers.

Why not fucking slash public spending and let us keep more of our money, you utter fucking cunt?


Mitch said...

meet the new boss same as the old boss.
I reckon Cameron has more in common with brown than you or I.

Ray said...

How is taxing higher earners more a fair share? If it was fair the tax rate would be the same from the bottom to the top. Preferably 0% of course. If the prospective Tory candidate comes round again (he is the only one to knock on my door so far) I will have a go about this!

The Economic Voice said...

All main parties are now the same. No grand plan but to keep increasing control and tax.


Obsidian said...

Someone should explain to 'Dave' the following:

1) Fair is paying for what you use
2) Paying for someone else is charidee
3) Unless you're forced to. Then it's called theft.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Slash public spending? Are you fucking nuts? How the fuckity fuck will we cope without all the non job cunts that infest our public 'services' then! Eh! Eh!

David Gillies said...

This 45% bracket is 'projected' to raise an extra £2 billion a year. This is a) probably based on a static analysis and therefore bollocks b) roughly what Gordon and his badger-faced ventriloquist's dummy spend every 28 hours.

Meanwhile, as the indispensable Wat Tyler at Burning Our Money informs us, the disastrously inept Learning and Skills Council is squandering £12 billion a year on a series of projects which have yielded hardly a single success. This is just one QUANGO of hundreds.

Give me a couple of days with a line-item list of UK public expenditure and I could find £100 billion in cuts. Give me two weeks and I could find £200 billion.

Steve Tierney said...

As a true blue hardline Tory, I was pretty depressed when I heard this. So I came here. I knew you'd help me feel better about it.

Rob said...

'Fair' in politics has a different meaning to 'fair' in the real world. It is 'fair' in politics to ruin and plunder the savings of careful and thrifty people to bail out the actions of the reckless.

It is 'fair' to plunder the income of those who work to give to those who choose not to.

It is 'fair' to hobble schools which do well so that poorly performing schools (teachers) are not embarassed.

It is fair that corrupt politicians, who write the Law, can claim to be ignorant of the simplest of laws regarding party financing and personal interest while you can be prosecuted for misunderstanding a two thousand page book on tax law.

In politics 'fair' is power.

Chalcedon said...

Income tax is an immoral tax on the family. I don't care if it's only on those earning over £150K. Good luck to them. I expect they live up to their earnings and would face hardship with such a jump in tax. Anyone would. I've been hit in the past and the struggle wasn't nice, all because of government greed. They don't give a shit about the misery they inflict on the people.

Chalcedon said...

Oh yeah. Quangos cost £180 billion a year and seemingly do fuck all except make a strange whining noise occasionally. First job, shut them all down. No more sinecrures for failed pols and a sensible cut in gov spending which can be used for tax cuts or more targeted spending.

Anonymous said...

The reason is because labia has put us into mega debt and it has to be paid back. I reckon 20 years or so.