Thursday, 19 March 2009

Le Hoon Du Jour: Tom Harris MP

Wittering on about the Tories 12 years ago:

FOLLOWING on from the last post and the repetition by Tory readers of the Dale-ite mantra “every single Labour government in history has left office with unemployment higher than when it started”, I thought this might be an opportune time for a little competition:

What were the levels of UK employment/unemployment when the Tories took over in May 1979 and what were they when they were finally kicked out in May 1997?

Anyone? Helloooo…?

Listen, you lazy fucking cunt: stop using the excuse that over a decade ago, things were worse or the same or somehow comparable. You fucks have had a decade, a full fucking decade to make things "better" or at least different. You've had a full decade to break the repeated accusation that Labour governments fuck the economy into a cocked hat and arserape taxpayers. And what have you done? You've fucked the economy into another dimension and buttfucked the taxpayer all the way into a hospital where they're going to die of an infection.

Your utter laziness and the "yah-boo-sucks" politics (which you always accuse the Tories of) is a fucking disgrace. Why do we pay you cunts such extortionate sums when all you can come up with is vapid drivel like this?

If you can't find anything useful to say, then shut the fuck up.


Lord Elvis of Paisley said...


Dungeekin said...

Thirded, if such a thing is possible.

The Motion for Tom Harris MP to shut the fuck up is passed.


Wyrdtimes said...

Er... fourthed!


Royal Bank of Scotland has confirmed that the number of jobs it is planning to cut in the UK has risen to 2,700.

RBS deputy chief executive Gordon Pell told the Scottish Affairs Committee at Westminster that about 260 losses would be in Scotland.

RBS bailed by the English taxpayer then it's England that will bear the brunt of the job losses - nice!

AntiCitizenOne said...

People vote in Labour with Empty Heads, and vote them out with Empty wallets.

Dennis said...

Dungeekin, Tom is now stuck head-first in the motion. Walk around him, everyone, and don't get too close because of the smell.

Dear Santa

I have been a good boy all year and I would like a nuclear weapon for Christmas, just a teeny one big enough to blow Tom Harris into orbit.


Bristol Dave said...

Spot On

Tom Harris Kicked My Puppy said...

Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT

Gordon Brown-Nose said...

Tom Harris's comments really sum up why we need to kick this bunch of useless idiots into touch.

Whine whine whine "the Tories were worse than us" whine whine whine.

You've had 12 years Harris!!!! 12 very long years!! Of lies, spin and deceit. And come May 2010 you are GONE!!!!