Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Le Hoon Du Jour

Today's Hoon du jour award goes to the cockmonkey on the Kawazuki YBFZRCXYZ-1000 who was hanging off his bike like Valentino Rossi going round corners.

On the M25.

At 80MPH.


Darwin said...

I shouldn't worry Obo - natural selection (or should I say de-selection) takes care of people like that.

Longrider said...

There's always one. They think that hanging off the bike looks cool. many years ago I watched Mike Hailwood hammer the opposition when he returned to the Isle of Man TT after a break. For all their hanging off the bikes, they couldn't keep up with a man who rode with his knees hugging the tank. His riding was competent and unassuming - which is how it should be.

James said...

Its the start of summer - bikes coming out of garages, or shiny new ones being bought by fair weather bikers.

Now the buggers have started taking their bikes to work as a treat, they are getting in my way.

If you have to paddle your bike between cars in rush hour London traffic, leave it at home so you aren't in my way for my entire bastard commute.

You leather clad, all the gear no idea bastards.

Dennis said...

The A32 northwards from Gosport is used as a racetrack by these wankstains, who gather at the Little Chef at West Meon Hut, which consequently smells like a jockstrap and keeps normal people out. Well, I say normal, but you know what I mean.

There was a sign on the A32 until recently which warned



or somesuch bollocks, but they had to update it so often the County Council just took it down. I used to like checking it out when I went past.

The worst offenders are 55 year old men who used to ride Tiger Cubs or BSA Bantams when they were 17 and now, when the kids are off hands and they have some cash, get themselves a 1500 cc shaft-drive Kawasaki, or Kawacrashy, as I like to call them.

Anonymous said...

Oh c`mon. They`re not all bad.

Anonymous said...

You're only jealous 'cos he was moving & you were stationary.

At least he wasn't going that fast between the cars in the centre & outside lanes. Was he?

[Technical note: the M25's too 'straight' to 'hang off' at only 80 MPH. - 'cept that bendy bit in the Dartford Tunnel]

Will your readers buy you a new i-Spy MotorBikes for Xmas? At that speed it was probably only a YamaOndaCati 500

Obnoxio The Clown said...

[Technical note: the M25's too 'straight' to 'hang off' at only 80 MPH. - 'cept that bendy bit in the Dartford Tunnel]

That was the whole point of my post.