Thursday, 12 March 2009

Once again, saying it better than I ever could


DOCTORS should be taxed every time they open their fat, smug, overpaid mouths, it was claimed last night.

People across Britain said the money could be reinvested in the NHS and used to pay for nice foreign doctors who just treat you instead of making you feel like Adolf Eichmann every time you fancy a Star Bar.

Damn tooting!


cartermagna said...

I don't know about you Obo but I'm getting a bit sick of these Daily Mash boysbeating me to the punch everytime I want to write something acerbic about the latest bit of idiocy in the news.

Not only are they proper quick off the mark they're a bit too fucking funny by half.

Should be banned if you ask me...

Mark Wadsworth said...


Harrithebastard said...

Back in the dark ages circa 1960 .. ish my doctors name was Dr Smith ( i kid you not ) upon my last bastard visit to the the UK ,( circa 2008) the Doctors name had changed to .. DR Yetunde Yewande Iyabo ! and all he managed to do was spend five minutes kissing his fucking teeth at me?

I am still none the wiser as to why my balls are the exact same size as two beachballs ?

Or perhaps its just me .

My last UK doctor had a stephoscope around his neck , this latest one had a string of shrunken heads ..

You are all well and truly fucked .

Oldrightie said...

Like many professions these days, vote Labour and you're quids in. No need to be any good at the job!

Dennis said...

Harritheberiberibastard, may I suggest you stop eating polished rice? Go for the brown. Takes longer to cook, but less taxing for the conkers.

Can't we hack into the Daily Mash? They're getting too damned clever. Make their URL point to this.

BTW congratulations, Obo. Not only have you won the Oliver Reed Prize, but you have today notched up your 100th droog!

Barnsley Bill said...

The daily mash is annoyingly clever just like stephen thomas was at school, unfortunately the daily mash is not pissing its pants the way thomas minor used too.
Oh, and happy birthday fuklips.

Steve Tierney said...

Off Topic

Happy Birthday, Obnoxio.

Mark Wadsworth said...

What's going on with your parenting tips?

Anonymous said...

aye, the Daily Mash, manage to hit the nail on the head every time on pointing out how absurd something is as well taking the piss out of it at the same time. Particular favorites was Ripping Gordo when he claimed to have saved the world and that he foresaw this crisis 10 years ago.

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