Sunday, 1 March 2009

Save a Vulcan ...

... no, not John Redwood. They need half a mill in 5 days. Make your pledge here.


Thomas said...

Sorry to put this comment on a completely unrelated post, but has anynone googled Harriet Harman and seen what the wikipedia entry has to say. The actual Wiki post has been put back to normal, but the Google result still has "Harriet Ruth Harman QC MP (born 30 July 1950) is a British solicitor and Labour politician. She is also a "disgusting" and "truly sickening" individual [1]..."


The Penguin said...

Re the Vulcan, apart from the fact that I beat you to it at OH's place, I can recall going to air shows at RAF Coltishall when the V bombers and the Lightning were the RAF's pride and joy and the Crabs had the Buccaneer.

The finale was always the Lightning, which would be talked about by the MC along lines of : "and today's display of the Lightning interceptor is by Pilot Officer Hornsworthy, flying in from Coningsby, should be with us in a moment or two.." and the bloody thing came down the crowd line ( 20 or so deep ) without any warning like a really angry giant wasp so low you thought it had cut your hair before turning up and away and moving back round to start showing off. Fantastic. After various antics, it would be the fast low pass at 10 feet or so above the tarmac, always right to left as you tried to see over grown ups or wriggle through to the front, the silver 'plane roaring past and then - WOW! stick hard back, nose straight up afterburners ON - a noise like God Shouting and the bloody thing was like a fucking rocket disappearing ever higher..."thank you to Pilot Officer Hornsworthy!"

Then the cunts sold us out by buying Phantoms to oil the Special Relationship whereby Uncle Sam fucks us up the arse.

The Penguin