Tuesday, 3 March 2009

They kept this quiet, didn't they?

Via the CoffeeHouse:

Now this casts the continuing row over Fred Goodwin and his pension in a fresh light. Turns out that Goodwin sat on a panel advising the Government about financial matters until five weeks ago, some months after his management of RBS has driven the bank to collapse and triggered its effective nationalisation. According to the Newcastle Journal, Alistair Darling wrote to him on 28 January, relieving him of the position and thanking him for his "personal contribution".

There's much talk around Westminster that the Government has used the Goodwin row to distract from other embarrassing stories. But the bitter irony is that it could be far more politically damaging than any £billion bailout or divide over Royal Mail. Revelations like today's just reinforce the impression that Brown & Co. were in cahoots with some of the chief antagonists of the banking crisis, and that they should share the blame for the mess.

Hat-tip: The Telegraph's Christopher Hope



Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ....


The Penguin said...

This will run and run. Apparently some American RBS shareholders have launched legal action.

They do tend to lock whitecollar fraudster up in the States.

Here they just get temporary Alzheimer's.

The Penguin

Obnoxio The Clown said...

But the Shred didn't commit fraud. He may have taken some business decisions that, with hindsight, were not that clever. But at the time he was hugely praised for them.

JuliaM said...

Praised for them by....the people know castigating him!


John B said...

"But the Shred didn't commit fraud"


Although the traditional US approach to cases like RBS is to find some kind of minor accounting arse-up or petty corruption, which had no bearing at all on the company's collapse and which would have been ignored had the company not collapsed, and then use the company's collapse as an excuse to send everyone to jail for it.

Oldrightie said...

I am certain that the stench that emanates from Brown and Labour is not just his nappy and other dubious habits. Snotty sat very nervously alongside Obama today. Something very awry there, for sure.

Tim Carpenter said...

Hence Prince O'Bama kept his distance.

Does not want to be seen with him.

Gendeau said...

Can someone please confirm that this is exactly the situation that the word CUNTS was invented for...

microdave said...

The Daily Wail claims that he could have been paid a lot less, but for yet more blunders by Lord Myners.


Strangely the paper version, rather than the online version linked above also said that Sir Fred was misleading by claiming that his pension was calculated on the same basis as any other RBS employee, ven though he retired at age 50, compared to 60 for others. I wonder if the Mail have been threatened with legal action, and forced to remove this?

Adrian P said...

Look it's perfectly easy, the Commies want to destroy Western society to rebuild a socialshit world where they own and run everything.
They engineered all of this and it's going to get worse, they want your house, everything so you are forced to rent from the state FOREVER, they do not believe in Private Property.

Think China.

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The Economic Voice said...

Could be interesting if the US start flexing their one way extradition muscles.

Chalcedon said...

I think we should be crying with righteous (small r) anger over the state of the country and cheering when these bastards are turned off ladders for the 20 minute dangle and strangle air dancing routine from an appropriate lampost.

These bastards want to set the army on us if we so much as protest at their fucking of the entire economy..