Friday, 27 March 2009


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So Business Link have taken your 5 grand and given it to a business that won’t last more than a couple of months and specified that the money should be spent on about the least relevant service. In addition, to administer this money we have to leap through hoops that they have set in terms of actions, reporting and timescales. Does any of this add up to extra efficiencies? In that £5000, a few hundred quid will go west in creating the ‘correct’ audit trail to fit their stupid fucking, box-ticking requirements.

Government just doesn't work.

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Obsidian said...

This looks like an opportunity to get some of my fucking tax back.

After all, when contracting my weekly tax bill is enough to employ a small army of illegal immigrants, or two toilet cleaners (the minimum wage... where wiping shit from toilets earns you more than my first fucking IT job.), so the prospect of pissing five grand up a wall for a couple of months looks quite enticing. Just need a half-baked business idea and a half-arsed idea business plan now!