Tuesday, 28 April 2009

"And what did you learn at school today, Timmy?"

"Felching and fisting, mommy."

"That's nice."

"Mr Gadd says we need to bring some Crisco in next week for a practical."


Tom Paine said...

I needed to look up two words in that short post, Obnoxio. I clearly need to go back to school. The comments to the linked article were scary though. The debate is entirely between religious and political bigots, when this is just a matter of drawing a sensible boundary to the state's role.

Having a child in Britain is like giving birth on a plantation now. The child belongs to the massa not you.

Anonymous said...

"Although the new PSHE classes will be compulsory from 2011, faith schools in England will be given licence to provide sex and relationships education"
From the article, great news as i have just watched the taliban shooting two suspected adulteres in the back. Coming to a shopping center near you anytime soon.

Dick Puddlecote said...

I did a search on the PHSE (which includes citizenship) training site a month or so ago. It returned 14 results for homosexual, 6 for lesbian, but not a sniff for personal responsibility, respect or tolerance.

Says something about priorities in modern education, doncha think?

Less of the right-on gay lessons and more teachers like this would be nice.

wv: Mandleuv (incredibly apt for this article)