Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Perhaps he should have tried moonwalking

Sounds like his spazzy "dance and smile" act didn't work.

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Fidel Cuntstruck said...

From Pravda: [ But in his reply, Sir Christopher said the issues were "not simple" and that "making recommendations based on evidence is key if we are to put forward a workable and credible package of changes".

He added: "We aim to complete our review as early as we can consistent with doing a thorough job." ]

In other words "we'll fudge around the issues for a while until all the hullaballoo dies down, then carry on as before"

Very few of the trough snuffling bastards are going to want any real changes to this particular gravy train - that much is crystal clear. There was quite a good debate on Radio 4 this lunchtime about how changes could be made to make the expenses system more transparent and accountable - they are blindingley simple but I'm betting they won't happen. One of the best was to increase MP's salaries to around £200K with no expenses, they finance their campaigns, offices, second homes, family bungs etc all out of the salary