Wednesday, 1 April 2009


I don't generally link to Dolly Draper's Dementia, but this is just too fucking unbelievable to ignore:

The other night on my way back from yet another Labour Party meeting, I made a number of silly errors on the road - nothing major, but enough to ensure the local police stopped me on suspicion of drunk driving.

As I do not drink and drive the breath test proved negative but the officer suggested some strong coffee.

Or some fucking driving lessons.

Research by the US Department of Transportation shows that between 1 and 10% of all auto accidents involve the lack of sleep.

The hours worked by HGV drivers are limited in the EU, with rest days and breaks legislated. Yet many other road users have no limits placed on their driving hours.

Next Friday (Good Friday), somewhere on the UK, road network people will be killed as a result of driving whilst too tired, having worked excessive hours.

With the current challenging economic situation some bosses will put pressure on employees to opt out of the 48 hour working time directive.

Long hours are a major health and safety issue. Major accidents such as the Selby rail disaster, where an over tired motorist crashed onto a rail line and caused a train to crash, are a classic example.

Medical research by the University of California showed that a person working a 51 hour week had a 29% higher chance of developing high blood pressure than someone working a 39 hour week.

It's amazing that despite of all this evidence the Tories are opposed to the Working Time Directive opt-out being abolished. In fact the Tories, when in Government, opposed the entire European Social Chapter, including the Working Time Directive, minimum wage and other social protection legislation.

The executive summary: he drives like a cunt, and it's the Tories' fault.

What a complete cuntflap of a spazmong.


JuliaM said...

If I ever found myself 'making silly errors on the road', I'd pull over and stop. Because I'd obviously not be fit to drive...

Isn't self awareness a key skill for a psychotherapist?

Anonymous said...


All so he could get to a Labour Party meeting- truly, if ever their was, an unnecessary trip.

H said...

You couldn't make it up!

BTW has HE opted out of the Working Time Directive? And if not why not?

Longrider said...

Selby had nothing whatsoever to do with working hours - the guy was chatting to a girlfriend, so a shorter working week would have made bugger all difference.

Ultimately, it is the driver's responsibility to ensure that they are fit to drive, but then, personal responsibility and new labour don't fit in the same sentence, do they?

Draper is a moron.

The Penguin said...

He could also do with some lessons in how to write decent prose.

If you had a scale of one to ten, with Dennis way up there with ten, Dolly would be minus 3.

The Penguin

Leg-iron said...

There are more like 'Tories stole my soap' Draper out there.

New Scientist has an article on how California wants to make all car paint reflective because that will apparently stop global warming (sigh).

Down in the comments we find this guy. Apparently car paint control in California is all down to American greed... and that's all Thatcher's fault.

Next: Tories created the asteroid responsible for killing all the dinosaurs and invented AIDS for a laugh. Oh, and they made the Brown Gorgon from beef dripping and wool and then set him up as leader of the Labour party.

Well, if you're going to blame someone, you might as well go all the way.

Steve Tierney said...

The Working Time Directive is just another way for the government to tell you and I what to do.

If I want to work fifty hours what business is it of the government? Who are they to stick their face in and tell me I can't?

Of course they spin it for the workers. "This will stop those naughty bosses from making you work late."

It will also make it possibly for other countries not bound by this to undercut and outperform you in your own jobs.

And if you want to work some more. Maybe to save up to treat your family to a foreign holiday. Or buy yourself a new car? It's Bognor Regis in the clapped out Ford for you, my son.


Leg-iron said...


I used to fill out timesheets before I became self-employed.

I used to spend a day at the start of the year filling them in for the rest of the year, one for each week, in exactly the proportions of time I was meant to spend on each aspect of the job. Then I sent them off, one a week, and did what I liked, when I liked, for as long as I liked. I was one of the most productive there.

Now I don't have timesheets at all and I can steal contracts from those that demand their staff follow this law. If I want to work to 3 am, nobody even knows I'm doing it.

I think it's great. Long may the EU make up rules, and long may the rest of us continue to ignore them.

Anonymous said...

Driving whilst tired? Try Ya Ba or crazy medicine, better known in the west as methamphetamine, speed pills. Here in Thailand the truck drivers used to get pissed up on cheap whisky then take a couple of these pills. S what you had was wide awake drunks driving all over the place, since the crackdown led by the criminal exowner onb Manchester City football club Thaxsin Shinawatra including the "extra judicial" or murders os 2,500 people including a 9 year old boy shot in the back, the stuff has been in short supply so you just have ordinary drunks driving now.

Anonymous said...

Just as well he wasn't arrested for drunk driving, charged and convicted. Just imagine if this had happened to some fat bankkrupt fucker. Such a brave and fearless blogger as yourself wouldn't let that go would he.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@Anonymous 06:09: They're all English words ...

Anonymous said...

Julia, what you are suggesting is that people should take responsibility for their own actions.

Wash your mouth out, don't you know we've got a Labour government?