Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Don't panic, Mrs Beria!

It is also funny (and worrying) that the woman who is supposed to be responsible for the security of our country couldn’t stop a couple of reporters from fixing a blue plaque to her house at eight in the morning on Easter Monday. We found the house on Street View (there were two coppers sitting outside her door) and no one stopped us as we fiddled around outside suspiciously for about 20 minutes. We are being asked in Stasi-esque police adverts to ‘trust our instincts’ and report possible terrorist activity (i.e. call the fuzz if the towel-heads move in next door). But surely if the millions of terrorist cells here in the UK were really poised to attack then they would be doing it right now. I wonder if they’re sitting at home reading about our stunt in The Sun saying, “A thousand curses! If only we had thought to use the internet to find Jacqui Smith’s house, could have blown that filthy porn-guzzling infidel limb from limb by now!”


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