Tuesday, 14 April 2009

If you go out in the woods today ...

... you're in for a big surprise.

Tory Bear has been doing some digging.

Hur, hur, hur ... this is going to run and run ...


SteveShark said...

The advice 'follow the money' never did Woodward and Bernstein any harm.
Although looking at the LabourLost accounts to see what the money was spent on might prove tricky if Draper's fudging as to where it came from is any guide:

BRILLO: Who finances you?

DRAPER: We publish every year who finances us, different donations.

BRILLO: Who does?

DRAPER: Well, we haven't published it yet.

Lancastrian Oik said...

The pieces of the jigsaw are now being put together.

"LabourList"'s official address is really a post office box in Beak Street, when it actually operates out of the offices of Flow Video Ltd., 1 Lower John St., W1F 9TD. This is a media company, whose proprietors are Derek Draper and Kate Garraway.

Draper and Garraway were guests of the Prime Minister at Chequers on 16/11/2008, a week after the "RedRag" website was set up by "Ollie Cromwell" a.k.a. Derek Draper.

Far from it being a couple of mates kicking around a few ideas which were then rejected, it's becoming clear that the Downing St. dirty tricks unit had co-opted Draper to run the blogs, the contact point was Mc.Bride, and Gordon Brown was in the loop. If not, what did they talk about at Chequers?

They must think we're fucking stupid.