Monday, 27 April 2009

It's Fred Westminster.

Via DK, this:

Jack Straw is a serial killer. The sort whose neighbours say 'such a nice quiet chap. Keeps himself to himself.' Until the police break in and find he's got a fridge full of severed willies and a month-dead rent boy sitting on the sofa. Look at the face, for God's sake. Look at the eyes.

It's Fred Westminster.

What's your favourite?


Henry North London said...

Actually Obo I posted it up first then everyone took it from me

I found juliette sniff

not that I mind but credit due where it is due

Dave H said...

She must 'write' professionally -it's just too good for a part-time scribbler.

I don't even dare leave a comment there, it would drag the whole thing down.

(By implication that shows what I think of Obo's writing)

Henry North London said...

She doesnt and she is longing for a book deal...

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@Henry ... sorry.