Sunday, 19 April 2009

Labour: supporters reckon smearing is a good strategy

The smear campaign fiasco isn't a reason to go all goody-two-shoes on the public just get more sophisticated in attacks - use inuendo & employ a clebrity mag editor for knowing how to walk the line between a legal half-truth & damaging lie.

-- Kevin Hollingsworth, in the comments here.

"Just do it better next time", the mantra of lefties everywhere.

Update: Apparently, the ends justify the means:

If most people had the capacity for independant thought politics wouldn't be a swamp. This is simply because the populace would be engaged in the process rather than thowing turnips from the sidelines. Since it is a swamp you've got to play by the conditions found in that environment. No one needs to be a sheeple - all are free choose in a democracy, even if it is a dodgy democracy.

Even better, it's not Labour's fault that the Red Rag was being initiated, it's the voters' fault!



Lancastrian Oik said...

No innuendo or celeb mag editor behind this comment- Kevin, you're a cunt.

Goodnight Vienna said...

What a sleazebag; he talks about using "poetic imagination". I'll say it again: slimeball, I wonder if that's 'poetic' enough for him.

Mitch said...

Well they cant rely on their record can they?

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

When in Rome, do as Rome does.


Mexican Bandit Damian McBride: [coming up the hill, waving a red handkerchief tied to a stick] Hey, hombre!

Hombre obnoxio: [obnoxio finishes loading his rifle and goes to see what the Mexican Bandit Damian McBride wants]

Mexican Bandit Damian McBride: Look amigo, how close you come!
[indicating the wound on his stomach]

Hombre obnoxio: I tried to do better; I think you moved.

Mexican Bandit Damian McBride: You can be sure I move! How do you prefer them, eh, tied to a tree?

Hombre obnoxio: That'd be nice.

Mexican Bandit Damian McBride: You like to pull the trigger, eh?

Hombre obnoxio: I can do it again for you.

Sue said...

I'd love to meet him, I bet he's a proper charmer.

King Athelstan said...

Not a surprise Obo, they thought Crewe and Nantwich was a good strategy, and they still do!

Ross said...

Let's spread a rumour Kevin Hollingsworth. Does anyone else wonder why he spends hours at a time outside the women's toilets at Walsall bus station for hours at end?

Cato said...

And....our Kevin indulges in a spot of moonlight badger watching near some cottages.

The Penguin said...

Is it true that Kevin McGuire has six toes on one foot because there's a history of incest in his family?

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Is it true that he is a lowlife mendacious cunt who should be knifed?

J R Hartley said...

Kevin must've known that those photographs of him "socialising" at University with "friends" were likely to be uncovered at some stage. I wonder if his wife was aware of these when she married. One can only hope that his children don't read Kevin McGuire's Mirror and stumble across this deceit.

All fair game eh !

Dungeekin said...

It's only the voters' fault because they can't find a way to blame Maggie Thatcher.