Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Le Hoon Du Jour: Sunny Hundal, free speech fanatic

What a tool:

Blogging will only increase the sleaze - unless we stop it

So, what is mister Hundal's genius plan to stop the corruption that comes with a larger state?

Simple! He's going to slag off people who have an "anti-politics libertarian bent" and abuse "libertarianism". In other words, if only some semi-libertarian lunatic hadn't decided to shine a light on sleazy Labour, politics would be a much better place.

Sunny, you're a fool. Accountability, something the press have become utterly useless at, has gone out the window. But accountability is what improves politics. And I really do not fucking buy into this tenuous argument:

A lot of newspapers have focused on how New Labour has always been about spin and briefings and back-stabbings. Perhaps. But it’s naive to pretend the Conservative party is immune from this - after all they’ve always looked towards the Republicans for strategic and ideological guidance and they are the original masters of this strategy.

I disagree with you on two points:
1. The Tories do not look towards the Republicans for strategic and ideological guidance, their ideology is not significantly different to Labour or the LibDems. The only differences are the colour of the ties, as far as the voter is concerned. I WISH the Tories were taking ideas from the Republicans.

2. Do you really think the Democrats have never run a negative campaign? Why do you think they kept losing for the last decade, against a shaved chimp, for fuck's sake!

But anyway, on this ludicrous post, someone called "Will Rhodes" wrote a piece of Fabian-approved cock-sucking:

The holier-than-thou attitude sickens me with libertarians - “We have it right and no one else can understand this” bullshit needs to be dropped. You want a society where everyone is left to fend for themselves, boot-straps and no legs and all that. Your ideal is sick.

The Devil then fisked him. Sunny looked at the Devil's arguments, marshalled his considerable intellect, and decided to rebut them by stripping the vowels out of DK's comment. He did this to OH as well.

Fortunately, DK has the full version here.

Now, you could argue that DK was far too sarcastic in making his case, but hey! Sunny is a big fan of free speech, isn't he? Surely he wouldn't mind? Well, clearly he does object to anything like critical comment, so I'm pre-emptively putting my own reply down as the rest of this post:

If they come over to our space to engage in drive-by trolling, they’ll get abuse in return, while having their own contributions mangled. Life is harsh, man.

Really? Drive-by trolling? In other words, anyone who disagrees with your point of view, and decides to put down a constructive argument against it is a drive-by troll. So you can chuck freedom of speech out the window, despite your posturing; indulge in the most incredibly petty disfigurement of a critical comment and then say:
Life is harsh, man.

In other words, you only tolerate people who agree with your point of view.

I didn’t realise the dedication to free speech meant I had to tolerate abuse and trolling on our blog too.

I'm not at all surprised that you struggle with this, since you clearly have no idea of what free speech actually is. Free speech means people can say whatever they like, whether it agrees with you or not. Free speech is not "people can say whatever they like, as long as it's aligned with Fabian principles."

Life is harsh. Free speech is even harsher.

And you are just another wannabe bully-boy lefty, hoping to shut down anyone who doesn't agree with you. Because you're always right, aren't you? You've never, ever made a mistake, have you? And you know far better than anyone else how people should all live their lives and how people should all think, don't you?

Your inability to argue your case and resorting to playground bully-boy tactics shows just how much strength the Fabian case for society has: none at all.

Go ahead, strip the vowels out of this as well, it's a mechanical exercise that any fool without the wit to actually argue his case can do. And you certainly are a fool without the wit to argue your case.

Update: You know it's bad when a LibDem can savage you.

Update 2: Let's see how long my post remains unmolested.


Ross said...

I must admit I am quite impressed with someone who says the internet can be used to clean up politics and then cites the Daily Kos and Huffington Post as examples of what he means.

JuliaM said...

"In other words, you only tolerate people who agree with your point of view."That's the Left in a nutshell, really...

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I listened to him on radio 4 the other night. He sounds like a complete bell end.

Mark Wadsworth said...

It beats me how anybody can claim that blogging increases 'sleaze', I can't bear to read any further than that.

Roger Thornhill said...

Very well posted and said, Obo.

You notice the growing attacks on Libertarians and the attempt to alter the meaning of the word in the public conscious. Watch that second point - it is one of the core weapons in the armoury of the Left.

The disemvowelling of DK was a particularly stupid move, for DK's post was not rude, but was extremely sarcastic. It reverberated thought that will create dissonance in many who read it and Sunny Jim knows it.

Old Holborn said...

Hey, his blog, his rules.

The pompous mong

Chalcedon said...

If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all. Chomsky, Noam

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

^^ exactly what he said ^^

And if they stopped the sleaze then there would be nothing for the bloggers to expose