Monday, 6 April 2009

Manchester Police: to serve and protect ...

... the police state:

Officers are trialling new cars with cameras fitted to telescopic poles on their roofs to film drivers using mobile phones, eating or applying make-up while behind the wheel.

The Panopticon is on its way!

Karen Delaney from DriveSafe, the road safety group behind the latest scheme, said: "The Smart enforcement vehicles are fully GMP liveried and working in areas where our data analysis has identified a high occurrence of `driver distraction' collisions and where officers have regularly observed offences being committed.

Turns out "DriveSafe" is actually the GMP's scamera division. Why not just say who they are?

Distracted motorists who kill can be charged with causing death by careless driving and jailed for up to five years under a new law that came into force last summer.

Unless, of course, your name is Lord Ahmed.



Anonymous said...

No they are NOT "Fully Liveried" the words "police" are in a rather low key script. GMP could not detect water if I threw these cretins into the River Mersey. It is a cash raising scam pure and simple. Yes I know the routine argument is "keep within the limit etc.." but these are detecting what the observer SAYS is a crime leaving you to prove your innocence, not them to prove guilt. Remember the demand for money arrives up to a month after the "crime" is allegedly committed and it is up to YOU to prove them wrong. Neu Arbeit Macht Frei...

The Penguin said...

Yeah, but interesting that the courts have found some of Machester's most notorious gangsters guilty of murdering some of their rivals WHILST OUT ON LICENCE ffs!

But never mind, the victims were also gangsters, and everyone involved appears (from the photos on the BBC website) to be black or half-caste, so no worries.

Now, had Jack Straw's useless druggie son been blown away do you think there'd have been more outcry?

Sadly not the only case, 4 gang members in some London mob found guilty today of stabbing a rival gang member to death. All involved seem to be black, and apart from the victim should all have beenin fucking prison.

Well done, Justice Secretary Straw, you useless corrupt little gobshite.

The Penguin

defender said...

They need the money to spend on other activities as well you know.
I hope you dont mind me posting this here, but here is an example of what else has been happening in Manchester which may interest you.

Manchester’s “BNP HQ” Falls Victim to Dirty Labour Tricks, but the Political Fight Continues

April 6, 2009 by northwestnews
Filed under North West

By Derek Adams.

Manchester’s Labour council certainly do not like the idea of the British National Party rapidly gaining support in the city, so much so that they are using every underhand trick in the book in order to stop it.

Apart from the usual Labour lies and false accusations about the BNP, the Labour-funded so called ‘third party’ smear leaflets and the usual array of leftist town hall workers eager to keep the red flag flying above the Manchester Kremlin, this time they have even resorted to telling lies about the candidate in the Moston by-election, Derek Adams.

Whoever penned the latest Labour ‘lieflet’ in Moston obviously did not realise that it is an offence under electoral law to make false statements of fact about a rival candidate in an election. Greater Manchester Police have taken a statement and are forwarding the details to the Crown Prosecution Service; visitors to this site will be kept informed about the outcome of this investigation.

Another, still more serious dirty trick and possibly the vilest abuse of power against a political opponent that has ever been used in Manchester, is the compulsory purchase order placed on Derek Adams’ pub, the Ace of Diamonds.

Derek Adams has been a victim of local council bullying ever since he first stood for election on behalf of the British National Party; he has been threatened with losing his liquor licence, harassed by all manner of council departments and has even seen customers being issued with council parking tickets late at night. When all of these tactics failed to intimidate Derek, the Council finally resorted to using taxpayers’ money to rid themselves of him and his pub, which councillors sarcastically refer to as “BNP HQ”.

In the Miles Platting “regeneration” Private Finance Initiative scam, which will no doubt see many councillors’ bank balances bulge to bursting point, the Ace of Diamonds pub, which has been in existence since approximately 1850, was originally not included in the area redevelopment plans, however when landlord and BNP activist Derek refused to be intimidated by the council bullies, the Ace of Diamonds was suddenly incorporated and a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) was issued.

Apart from the ‘freehold’ pub being Derek’s home and livelihood, it is also one of the few remaining pubs in the Miles Platting area, and certainly the safest for elderly local residents to visit, which makes a mockery of Gordon Brown’s pledge to save traditional British pubs.

Within the same so-called “regeneration” project in Miles Platting, another former public house, which is a total eyesore, was removed from the CPO, thus allowing it to remain standing. That building is now used as an Afro-Caribbean shop, a ‘College’ for overseas students and what can only be described as a late night unlicensed rave venue.

When asked for a comment Derek said “It will be a sad day for myself and the local community when they destroy this building. However, when the BNP gain power in Manchester, an investigation will be launched into any corrupt decisions that have been made in this, and many other cases, and the perpetrators will be held accountable.” He went on to say, “They will never break my spirit or my resolve, they can take away my business and my home but they will never take away my determination to see these people held to account for the destruction of my City and my Nation.”

Anonymous said...

"and where officers have regularly observed offences being committed."

So the officers just "Observed" did they? How about actually stopping the drivers? Too difficult presumably - much easier to film them and send a fine through the post.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a Road Safety Partnership spokesperson will explain how a Police Driver can operate that multitude of complex equipment, with attendent switches, knobs, dials & displays in a Cop Car, yet not be "distracted".

Anonymous said...

Defender... Is there anything teh BNP doesn't hate?

Dennis said...

Does anyone know how many low bridges there are in Personchester?

Telescopic poles. Kepler, he was one. No wait a minute, he was a kraut.

Anonymous said...

Is "trialling" a word usage commonly heard in the UK?

In the US we would probably use evaluating or testing.


Fidothedog said...

I thought the job of the police was to nick criminals, guess we forgot about labour turning them into a pc thought police.

Perry Neeham said...

The bastards . . . is this why my Dad did his National Service?

Anonymous said...

No a very efficient police state.Yesterday I flew from Cardiff to Belfast.My toothpaste,shampoo and contact lenses solution were confiscated/stolen by a Ms Lewis in case I blew up the flight.The monkey spankers have had a warrant out for me for the last 11 months.Cooo eee!Over here!He is behind you!

microdave said...

"Does anyone know how many low bridges there are in Personchester?"

I was thinking more along the lines of creeping up behind them when they are parked, and lassoing the top of the pole with a long rope. Then attach the other end to a 4x4 or suitable piece of street furniture and wait....

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

I can't wait to see them using these devices during a decent lightning storm

Anonymous said...

What do you expect when the police are now officialy corperations (for profit bussines)

It's called neo fascism, big state combined with large bussines.
You are nothing but a money battery to them.