Monday, 6 April 2009

Margaret "Three Caravans" Beckett?

No. Yet another greedy trough-snuffler caught fiddling the books:

HOUSING minister Margaret Beckett today became the latest Cabinet minister to be engulfed in the "three homes" row.
How apt. The Three Housing Minister.

No, no, no. It's just a handful of bad apples and it's all within the rules anyway.

Her spokesman said: "Nothing has ever been done outside the rules of Parliament."
See? It's all fine and dandy and we're all pissed about nothing. Bless 'em?

No. On second thoughts, hang them all, the bastarding greedy fucks.


Anonymous said...

Damn straight Obo. These fucks better wake up soon. I don't believe they realise just how pissed WE are.

Anders said...

What a sorry bunch we have as MP’s! Jacqui Smith, Peter Mandelson, Geoff Hoon, Tony McNulty, Alistair Darling, Yvette Cooper, Ed Balls, and even questions now about Gordon Brown himself about his second home. A Labour minister would even sell his own mother for a fiver! No, sorry, that’s silly. He or she would lease her out and claim the money on expenses.

The Penguin said...

THey are just following the advice in Gordon McBroon's follow up to "Stealing Benefits As A Student" called "Maximising Your Troughing As An MP".

The Penguin