Friday, 24 April 2009

Maybe a couple of decades ago, fucknuckles

But not any more:

For instance, having visited the press box at Lords and dined with cricket correspondents in the Caribbean, I can claim that the lobby has a far better record of turning over politicians who deserve it than sports journalists, who mostly turn a blind eye to the nocturnal activities of sports stars.

I suppose it's too much to ask of a Gurndiaa journo to turn the government over, but since 1997 the press has been utterly shit at holding the government to account. So go fuck yourself and your fat florid friend.



Chalcedon said...

A pointless and absurd article. The bastards get paid for mental masturbation? I'm in the wrong job.

You are pointless said...

It's meant to be satirical fuckwits.

Ronnie Stooge said...

What Obnoxio did on his holidays??:

Ron Combo said...

I read that. What a twat.