Sunday, 5 April 2009

More "within the rules" thievery

I think I'm going to save the government the trouble of taxing me to death and have a nice little heart attack instead.

Hot on the heels of "Three Homes" Hoon, how about this little fiddle?

MPs are avoiding stamp duty of more than £10,000 on second and third homes by claiming it back on their parliamentary expenses.

Do you know how many people would be happy to get a taxable income of 60 grand plus, even without your expenses? And they can't claim any of their fucking taxes back.

He bought a flat in London in July 2007 and claimed back stamp duty of £10,200. “I was advised I could claim stamp duty by the authorities and did so for simplicity,” said Brennan, the MP for Cardiff West.

"Simplicity"? Fuck off, you mendacious little cuntwaft: the word you're looking for is "greed".

646 little bastard greedy snuffling piggies. Oink oink! We pay for all those dreadful little things that are beneath you.

And STILL the 646 wonder what all the fuss is about. I reckon the more that goes on, the bloodier it's going to be. I don't think the miners' strike is even going to come close.


Plato said...

Mr Clown, it is indeed astonishing and a relentless torrent of the most venal self-interest - it is now like $1000000000000 beyond my comprehension.

How can these 'public servants' look at themselves in the mirror and think - that £23 083 for a bbq, sink and bath-plugs was a valuable and ethical use of my consituents hard work?

If it were just the Tories then perhaps it could be written off as nasty selfish capitalist party crap - but many if not most of these piglets are Labour MPs - the supposed representatives of the poor, down-trodden and disadvantaged. Like fuck, Mr M Meacher and his tennis courts just take the biscuit.

ARGH - will be looking into my ISP contract later. BTW Ben Goldacre has an excellent post on this subject

Bent Society said...

Not suprising when you think that Fred Goodwin, Alan (crap and faux stack system low fi ) Sugar and Tax Fruadster Richard Branson are made knights of the realm. New story reveals that Branson was at the serious Purchase Tax fiddling to build his empire years before he was caught for it in 1971 and claimed it was a one off - and so got let off with a fine: see:

So how is Branson diffrent from any other organised criminal who got rich on crime and went legit? So why should MPs not follow suit?

DaveA said...

It is not often I break out into profanity.

Dirty fucking thieving low life cunts.