Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Oinkety oink oink!!

Food prices going up 18%? Not in Wastemonster:

The maximum rise in the price of any item sold in the Parliamentary catering establishments will be capped at five per cent this year - despite food and drink prices rising by more than 18 per cent in supermarkets.

The deal, agreed by senior MPs at a meeting last month, means the taxpayer will have to provide a £5 million subsidy for food and drink sold within the Palace of Westminster.

Like we don't pay the fuckers enough already, they're pushing their fucking food bills onto us.

Nice work if you can get it.



The Penguin said...

Way ahead of you on this, over at Old Holborn's tasteful vanilla lounge for gentlemen of discernment and ladies of refinement.

The Penguin

Mitch said...

these fuckers have their whole life on expenses what do they spend their wages on?