Sunday, 12 April 2009

One thing I can say with complete conviction ...

... about the Dolly Draper / Damian McPoison kerfuffle, is that nothing substantial will change. Even if one or both of them gets the sack, they will not leave public life, they will encounter no sanction from the government and anything bad that does happen to them will be furiously spun as nasty Toryism.

And Gordon "Feartie o' Fife" Brown will have had NOTHING to do with any of it.


Old Holborn said...

It doesn't matter

What matters is that the blogosphere is now as powerful as the MSM with none of the controls, bribes and allegiances.

Politicians used to fear the media trawling through their rubbish, so they bought editors off. Now they'll have to buy 60,000,000 little people off.

A fantastic weekend all round

Anonymous said...

O'H I agree with the democratization of the blog but someone,somewhere has the power to pull you.Take a look at "MyT" on the Torygraph.

Anonymous said...

There is something rotten in the heart of Gordon Brown's Downing Street, and it has spread to places like Oxfam's HQ in Oxford, which are filled with Draper's and McBride's henchmen: Antonia Bance for instance, who is deputy director of the UK Poverty Programme, and is allegedly using Oxfam for her own party political ambitions, if you go by many of the comments on her blog.