Saturday, 11 April 2009

Seen in the Blogosphere

A microcosm of firm but fair criticism, ludicrous posturing and oleaginous clit-sucking in three posts:

Old Holborn said...
Oh dear, is the chalice poisoned?

Are all the privileges of representing us getting too much?

The reason 60,000,000 of us have had enough of politicians and are angry has everything to do with what just 646 people have done to us.

You chose to be one of those 646 because it gave you power to change lives. You craved it. The power to change lives. That's a huge resonsibility. Don't come bleating back to us when it goes pear shaped. YOU made it pear shaped, not us. If you find the greasy pole studded with razor blades as well as diamonds, don't cry foul to us, because you Kerry, oh especially you, are desperately scrabbling to get more of what you "volunteered" for.


May I also courteously remind you which Government is vehemently obsessed with knowing every detail of OUR lives. Where we are, what we are saying, what we are eating, what we re doing, where we are travelling, how fast we are driving, what Internet sites we visit, what we write in our emails or on our blogs, what our biometrics and dna look like.

It is the Government that YOU wanted and are part of.

Physician, heal thyself.
Fri Apr 10, 04:59:00 PM

Kerry said...

I've only allowed that comment through to demonstrate what a thoroughly despicable individual you are. But that's it. I've had enough.
Fri Apr 10, 05:53:00 PM

bevanite said...

OH - I really hope Kerry doesn't stand for it anymore, what you write is poisonous tripe. Something must have really gone wrong for you, but to read that post and comment like that, shows just how troubled you are. Go and get some help.

Jesus wept.


Roger Thornhill said...

And it does not stop there.

See "CllrTim" bleating about their "livelihood", ironically encapsulating why their kind are so loathsome.

The Penguin said...

I can understand Kerry, almost, but the clueless wankers such as "bevanite" are beyond comprehension. What the fuck do they think they are doing?

The Penguin

Barnsley Bill said...

sucking mistresses hem in the vain hope she might pat them on the head.
You are all doomed.

SteveShark said...

I commented on this thread im McCarthy's (how fucking apt that name is) blog and was amazed at her response.
No-one swore or was insulting but she really didn't like it being pointed out that whilst she was trying to keep her life private, her party was trying to do the opposite to ours.
OK, she's only been in the Commons for about 3 years but, even so, you'd have thought she'd be able to deal with opposing views a lot better.
Absofuckinglutely amazing.
And ironic, given that the smear campaign story now running involves not just intrusion into people's private lives, but very personal and totally fabricated intrusion.
I'm guessing that the average IQ amongst the people who voted for her as their MP must be akin to that of a rather small rock.
Why else would you vote for such a twat?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@steveshark: I'm constantly amazed at how tribal British people are. Once they are Labour voters, they will always vote Labour, even if every Labour MP was exposed as a shape-shifting, blood-sucking vampyre from the planet Zarg.

Chalcedon said...

OH is quite right. She bleats on about privacy but what has her bastard government enacted re e-mails, phone calls and web surfing?

And the brown noser supports her. But we know that Noo Labour has a 23% following no matter what they do.

Anonymous said...

I'll post this here, it would never see the light of day over there.

"Something must have really gone wrong for you"

It went wrong for 60,000,000 of us, it's called the Labour government.

Kerry, can you go for a stroll in your constituency?

St. Pauls.
After dark.

That way there can be an early bye election.

Anonymous said...


I have to admit to voting Labour in every General Election since I was old enough to vote - I'm 57 now.
So I guess I've been tribal, although it wasn't an 'inherited' thing - my parents were quite right-wing and very middle class.
Of late I voted Labour because the Lib Dems just looked doomed before they even started and the Tories seemed to offer no alternative that I felt happy with.
Now, however, I can see that this nation is fucked and now that public debate and articulate dissent seems to becoming stifled I really can't vote Labour again.
To be brutally honest, I don't like authority and no-one I hear seems to be telling me that my life is going to be free of unnecessary restraint.
|What also rankles is the willingness of those in power to accept unproven scientific 'fact' - in particular with regard to climate change, which I see as the 21st century' biggest con trick and a front for even more suppression of civil liberties and individual freedom.
Quite why I've chosen here and now to spill my political guts, I don't know.
But there you go...
Perhaps McCarthy's whinging was just the last fucking straw.
People like her don't deserve the position of privilege and power they've weasled her way into.

microdave said...

If that constitutes OH being "thoroughly despicable" then Kerry obviously leads a VERY sheltered life!

Exactly how are we supposed to explain why we don't like what they have done to this country?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@microdave: apparently Kerry has been through some or other personal trauma, and OH wasn't fluffy and sensitive enough.

You know what girlies are like, and Kerry's probably on the blob as well, poor lamb. :o>

microdave said...

A "personal trauma" - what the realisation she might soon be unemployed?

Thousands of women put up with all manner of insults and discrimination in their jobs, and yet this stupid bint gets all hissy because someone explains the facts of life to her? (and in a remarkably restrained way)

Then again I suppose the delightful constituents of Mogadishu east will keep voting for her....