Saturday, 11 April 2009

"So ridiculous in fact I want to swear a lot. But I won't -- I'll be a good boy."

Well, I fucking won't:

This is almost unbelievable. Until once again you remember we have the most wasteful government in the history of this country...

A £250 bonus has been paid to Crown Prosecution Service staff in London who turned up for work during heavy snow.

Only 224 out of 1,400 CPS employees in the capital made it to work on Monday 2 February, when the city saw its heaviest snow in nearly 18 years.

A spokeswoman said the money from public funds was to reward members of staff who went the "extra mile".

This is ridiculous. So ridiculous in fact I want to swear a lot. But I won't -- I'll be a good boy.

These people are getting paid a bonus from me and you for doing what they're meant to do. Which is turn up to work.

The snow is no bloody excuse. For me it just meant on one day I was quite late and I had to walk from St Pancras to Oxford Street*. I didn't have to traverse any snow-ridden, cliff-top passes. Or contend with any glaciers. Just walk through a bit of snow to work.

All this tells me is that not only is our government rotten to the core. But the whole state is too. Rotten to the core with mindless, wasteful, soft-headed morons.

Jesus H. Fucking Christ! What the fucking fuck are these fucking cunts smoking? A fucking BONUS for pitching up for work?

What the fuck happened to the recession? People losing their jobs?



Fidothedog said...

Damn how the fucking fuck did I miss that post? Will cover these lazy cunts later when I am back from the pub and fueled with beer.

Dave h. said...

Before you get so upset, please be aware that only those who actually turned up at work receive the maximum of £250, from then on down payments are in proportion to effort.

For example, only making the effort to get out of bed would earn an employee a measly £10 bonus.

I think you will now see that this system is a wise use of taxpayers cash. It only awards cash to the worthy.

Roger Thornhill said...

Remember that after all these years of Fabian "prizes for all" educationalist wibble, the managers are now infected, root and branch and so see nothing wrong with this.

The Fabians have poisoned our wells. Someone let them in the gates years ago and they are now among us making sure everyone is enfeebled and infantilised.

If I had my way the nearest they would get is to have their heads on spikes along the wall and their pasty, diseased carcasses thrown back for the dogs to gnaw.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

What do you have against dogs, Roger? :o(

Little Ern said...

Criminal behaviour!

Anonymous said...

Interesting in the light of many workers unable to get to work because of the snow being made to take those days as holiday.
Let's have some fucking consistency at least.

Anonymous said...

More importantly where the fuck are your two previous posts on the police?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the other 1,176 who didn't work that day should have their pay docked?

That might even benefit the taxpayer!

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@K MacEgan: Que?

Anonymous said...

When I tried accessing those two posts all I got was "Page not found".

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Oh ... that was blogger fucking up. The software or me, you take your pick. :o)

microdave said...

Can I claim a substantial sum (with interest) for making the effort to visit my local during a bad winter some 30 years ago?