Thursday, 14 May 2009

And so it came to pass ...

Gorgon has finally taken action against Morley. Now Dave's aide's faux "resignation" looks like a complete sham.

Way to go, fucknut.


The Penguin said...

He's only suspended the cunt. It's not like he's unemployed.

Similarly Cameron is giving his troops a chance to own up, cough up, and offer themselves up to their constituency party for forgiveness or the chop.

He can withdraw the whip, he can't actually sack them as MPs only as shadow ministers and aides.

He might be a wanker, but give him a chance to prove it one way or another.

The Penguin

Prodicus said...

Legals, legals. Morley is of interest to Knacker and had to go, stat. Mackay is not. Yet. There's not an MP in Westminster going about without a lawyer.

As with any party leader taking a new direction, Cameron is fighting his own backbenches. There's a civil war on, there: new broom versus old guard... who still have the power to destabilise him (and would like to, for lots of reasons) although their grip is weakening by the day, and will continue to do so as long as his stature outside the party continues to grow.

Cameron has to win this, but nothing is inevitable. He has shown cojones. I'm not rushing to judgement.

Anonymous said...

No-one's done anything yet.
Nearly a week in and two heads have rolled.
Not enough by a country mile.
20 and maybe I'd agree someone somewhere had some balls - very, very small ones but still balls.
The next general election could be won over the next few days if someone appeared with a decent set of bollocks and used them.

Anonymous said...

buggery,thuggery and skulduggery

Daily Referendum said...

Why you kicka my dog and call him fuckoff?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Cawse he donna do fuckall ...