Thursday, 14 May 2009

Eight pointless things

Tuesday Kid tagged me, so here goes:

1. I like Europe but I love America.
2. I hate having breakfast.
3. People park opposite my drive all the time and then bugger off somewhere else.
4. Right now, I need a shower.
5. I have a dragon in my office.
6. When I'm not in my clown suit, I like nothing better than beige clothes.
7. I have never taken a single "recreational chemical" in my life.
8. I'm looking at Bergwerk as I type this.

I'll tag Leg-iron, Ross, Ambush Predator and, for balance, Dave Spart. Unless such things are beneath the dignity of a Marxist, of course!


Joe Public said...

"I have never taken a single "recreational chemical" in my life."

Teetotal as well eh?

Leg-iron said...

This won't be easy. Everything about me is pointless!

Ross said...

I'll respond at the weekend.