Monday, 25 May 2009

The Arch-Helmet of Cuntbuggery

Aw, bless:
The “systematic humiliation” of MPs is threatening Britain’s democracy, the Archbishop of Canterbury warns today.

Dr Rowan Williams, writing in The Times, says that the issues raised by the expenses scandal are grave and that urgent action is required.

“But many will now be wondering whether the point has not been adequately made," he says. "The continuing systematic humiliation of politicians itself threatens to carry a heavy price in terms of our ability to salvage some confidence in our democracy.

Listen you bearded baboon, the fucking MP's are the ones who have caused this. No-one is making this shit up, unlike the MP's who made up reasons why they should be entitled to our fucking money over and above their generous salary.

There is fuck-all wrong with our respect for democracy, and plenty wrong with the cunts who fill the seats thereof.

It's a bit like, say, having respect for the role of the head of a church, but thinking that a complete fucking asshole is in the chair at the moment, who doing his level best to destroy its credibility.

Tip of the clown wig to Scorpius for the title.

Update: Pengy has a worthy hoon du jour.


The Sky Fairy said...

Mouse-over recommended.

Anonymous said...

Sir, this is outrageous. Rowan is the direct representative of Christ on earth. Jesus suffered and died on the cross for your redemption Oboe and I cannot stand by whilst you demean this highly paid, luxury living exemplar of the poverty and humility of Gods son! You do no need to think - that is why we have Jesuits.

Old Holborn said...

It is over when we say it is over.

Screech said...

feck....where to these self righteous cocks get off? MPs have done far more to destroy democracy in this country than any amount of humiliation could ever achieve. Why doesn't the church stop poking it's fucking nose in where it's neither wanted nor needed? I think it's because they know that they're time is almost up too.

Anonymous said...

As someone else who lives in a palace he didn't pay for I would suggest he engages his brain before putting his big mouth in gear. Now this chief wizard a while ago was advocating Saria law if he was luck and we had it a lot of his fucking mates would have a big problem washing their one hand they had left. Seeing as he feels sorry for these fucking parasites why not next Sunday after passing the hat around donate some of the funds that were going towards having the roof fixes to moat cleaning, £18,000 bookshelves and glitter (surely shitter) toilet seats etc?

David Gillies said...

I keep reading that Catweazle is frightfully clever but a bit other-worldly, which is why he keeps coming up with these bonkers pronouncements that have us mere mortals scratching our heads. I'm afraid as far as I can tell that's wearing about as thin as the Gordon 'economic genius' Brown trope. All the evidence points to the fact that the man is just not very bright.

Anonymous said...

I Like Them Dead...

When is one of these useless twats actually going to do the decent thing and top themselves?

Fucking useless pieces of driftwood, at least give us plebs some action hanging would be good but choking on something would be acceptable.

JS said...

Driftwood? Dead wood more like. The point will not be 'adequately made' until they are all out of a job.