Monday, 11 May 2009

The Daily Labourgraph: lessons learned while you wait!

Oh yes, they are:

Gordon Brown has been urged to sack Hazel Blears over her use of Commons allowances.

Why single out Hazel Bleurghs? What about the rest of the fucking cunts? What about that cunt Brown and his fucking cleaning bill ... AND HIS FUCKING SECOND HOME?

I wonder if the Monster for Digital Disablement, Tom "Snouty Troughy" Watson knows anything about this.

Fucking Jesus, the government learned sweet fuck all from McBridegate and the fucking Labourgraph is still sucking Gordon's cock.


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Chalcedon said...

Blears is being set up. Coz she had a public go at McBroon she is being smeared by being made a media focus re her 3 houses and flipping of their designation. It's all a smokescreen. But it isn't really working, now that we have Tory troughing too. We also have these desperate bastards trying to hide all this shit by means of creating a new quango to control MPs pay and expenses which is to be privatised to hide everything from the FOI. This fools no-one and just shows they are not interested in reform and care nothibng for the famous court of public opinion. Even a good caning in the next set of elections won't do it. They are institutonally corrupt as fuck! Bastards!