Monday, 11 May 2009


I was amused by a comment made over at Old Holborn's:

Believe me, any politician or his representative from any of the mainstream parties will be taking his or her life into their hands if they knock I my door.

I feel exactly the same. But I thought it might be a useful little gambit for those who might get a call from the incumbent: swot up on your local trougher's expenses and if he comes a knocking, especially with the press in tow, make sure you welcome him and then grill him like fuck over his misdemeanours, in public. Ask him why he expects to keep his job after pulling a stunt that would have gotten you fired.

I reckon that very few of the incumbents will be going door to door this year. Feartie cunts.

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ConstantlyFurious said...

Damn right. It's too bloody easy for these hoons to hide under the bed while Gordo' issues blanket apologies and denials.

Thats the point of this campaign: Campaign to PAY IT BACK: either they pay back their expenses or they justify personally, individually exactly why they feel they don't have to.