Thursday, 28 May 2009

Has the buttered new potato screwed up?

I don't know if it's just the corner of the blogosphere I hang out in, but whereas I thought Call Me Dave had been radical in tackling corruption in the Tory party (compared to Gorgon Brownshirt, anyway!)

But lately it seems to me that all the attention and abuse is being directed at Tory troughers. Every seems to be forgetting that the most egregious offenders have been spread proportionally among all the parties.

Has Dave's "decisive action" (such as it is) actually backfired? Mindboggling if I'm right, but just goes to show how unbelievably stupid people are.


Constantly Furious said...

Both parties are busting for a crap, to void themselves of all the troughing excrement.

Dave's getting on with it, behind a nearby bush, and we're all pointing, laughing and complaining about the smell, but he'll soon be done.

Gordon, on the other hand, is desperately holding on, sweating furiously, in the hope that for some reason he'll get away with it, and won't need to go after all.

And we all know where that's going to lead: eventually, he's going to keel over, vomiting, with his trousers filled with shit and blood.

Pretty analogy, no?

Gandhi said...

CF: If you are quick, there may be time to get that analysis to the BBC for inclusion in their 6pm national hypnosis session.

Constantly Furious said...

Ghandi: bollocks to that; I'm going to work it up as a pull-out supplement for the Sunday Papers, and thereafter into a book...

Garry said...

I was going to say something along similar lines, but you put it so succinctly i can't think of anything to add.

Anonymous said...

Brown's reluctance to clean his own MPs' shit up is starting to really grate on me. Maybe he hopes it'll all blow over although a few more troughers may have to fall on their swords.
Cameron acts tough but isn't. His (mis)management of the Kirkbride affair has shown him to be barely stronger in a crisis than Brown.
Here's my plan to sort things out - and it doesn't need any (in)decision from Cameron or Brown:
It also has the advantage of not being time-dependent - no-one goers any further in politics until they've been cleared and also gets those who've decided not to stand next time.
No-one - not one last motherfucking cunt amongst them - must escape retribution.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I think Kirkbride and Moran are level pegging at the moment, but on balance, you're probably right.

There again, I watch BBC News a lot, so they're bound to concentrate on the Tories.

JuliaM said...

"Has Dave's "decisive action" (such as it is) actually backfired?"

No, it's just that, in the case of Julie Kirkbride, she was dumb and arrogant enough to put herself in harm's way by giving tv interviews defending what she did, and writing 'Times' articles whinging that complaining about her getting her hands caught in the till would put women off politics.

If she'd shut up, like the rest of them, she might have got away with it. No juicy quotes, no 'news'.


Sue said...

To be absolutely fair, it's just the whingers that have been in the news, mostly women!

Brown is conspicuous by his absence and hasn't said anything except the worse troughers are going in front of a panel.

He's using his usual tactics of delay and hope we forget.. but we haven't :)

Ross said...

In the short term it might have hurt the Tories disproportionately but in the long run it could hurt Labour more as their pain gets dragged out.

I mean presumably the likes of Elliot Morley and David Chaytor will have to go at some point and if it happens next month rather than now then it will only prolong the story.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Gordon Brown never understood debt, and he doesn't understand the moral debt he's building up now.

He'll get it back with interest, and this time it will be him and the Labour party that pay.

Mitch said...

Wait till the cabinet start going,so far its just anonymous troughers most people don't know.

Chalcedon said...

It is political hegemony. they are all the same. same policies. Same everything. Just that Tory sleaze is an order of magnitude grander than noo Labour sleaze. The Tories trough much bigger. Balls is crying for people to vote for a mainstream party. Of course he is. They are just one party really when it comes to policy. Which is kow tow to the EU.