Thursday, 21 May 2009

How to attack the BNP

From RobW at the LPUK blog:

The left are obsessed with the idea of pointing out the bloody obvious about the BNP. Don't vote BNP they're racists and homophobes, etc, etc.

Everyday there seem to be more and more rants about the BNP being racist.

They've even set up ANOTHER fancy campaign called Hope Not Hate.

However there is one massive flaw with all this. The people who will vote BNP don't give a flying fuck* about racism. They're not voting BNP because the BNP are racist or even that they themselves are racists.

A lot of people will vote BNP because they've had enough of the main parties and because they like BNP policies.

So shouting racist at people isn't going to help. How we should attack the BNP is by attacking their policies.

An example might be -- the BNP WILL MAKE YOU POORER.

Just look at this policy...

Globalisation, with its export of jobs to the Third World, is bringing ruin and unemployment to British industries and the communities that depend on them.

Accordingly, the BNP calls for the selective exclusion of foreign-made goods from British markets and the reduction of foreign imports. We will ensure that our manufactured goods are, wherever possible, produced in British factories, employing British workers.

What will be the first consequence of this policy? Well, if you reduce competition by blocking foreign imports prices will rise. So if people vote BNP they are voting to make themselves poorer.

It's simple.

So I ask people to go and read BNP policy and start attacking it. But not because it's racist or homophobic -- but because it's moronic and will make the people of this country worse off.

Because that is the only way we can win against the BNP.

Hear, hear! It's quite true that some of the BNP's policies are breathtakingly and blatantly racist and fascist, but "racism" and "fascism" are devalued ideas now. It's best to show people that even without these tendencies, the BNP is offering tired and discredited ideas that will hurt the people they are supposed to help. Hmm, where have I heard that before?

*I have interpreted Rob's somewhat more polite ellipsis here.


Anonymous said...

Self preservation comes into it. A race traitor? Cos you fancy an Asian babe? I'd prefer Miss India to Tracey Connelly. As for immigration (lets be honest BNP are a one trick pony) what cunt decided to let 2 million Poles in overnight then lie about it? Pshishi compete for low paid jobs & housing so Chinless Wonder Tarquin who owns & runs the nation hasn't the same perspective as Wayne who has been knocked of housing benefits. The sooner BNP make headway the better. Plod & neo-nazis vs Good.

RobW said...

Thanks again for the re-post.

And your interpretation of my ellipsis is spot on.

Anonymous said...

The mainstream parties have not consulted the British people about mass immigration. To attempt to debate is deemed racist a term invented by marxists. There is only one race the human race it comes in two sexes a variety of shapes sizes and colours, modern genetics disproves such a concept as race purity.

Culture is something else our native culture is being subordinated to a vile cult determined to dominate the world through out breeding and jihad called Islam. We do not want it here of in Europe and North America. Sadly the BNP are the only party to acknowledge the threa tIslam ahs posed to European civilisation since it was kicked out of France by Charles Martell at Tours 732AD kicked out of Spain 1492AD routed at Vienna by John Sobieski in 1683 AD a continuous and historic battle against a primative savage creed that creates poverty ignorance and intolerance wherever it succeeds.

Anonymous said...

I just have to ask...if the BNP are so popular, cogent & lovable why does every punter I meet seem to be called "Anonumous"? Sounds Greek or wog or foreign to me! Mo fo' should be Repatriated to Saxony!

JuliaM said...

"Self preservation comes into it. A race traitor? Cos you fancy an Asian babe? I'd prefer Miss India to Tracey Connelly. "

Now, there's a tactic that is likely to work far, far better than the left's tired old spiel...

Anonymous said...

Julia you must admitted given the choice of Parminder Nagra or Baby Peters "mother" it isn't going to be the gora.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think your doing the cause of libery any good posting links to the LPUK?

First poster there is Patrick Vessey - an anti market doomer if there ever was one.

LPUK are the enemy mate. Wake up and smell the dead people.

Dave H said...

"We knew he was coming to the Queen's Garden Party and we were warned he held some pretty extreme views but when he spoke to us quite frankly I couldn't believe my ears."

Said Nick Griffin after meeting Prince Philip.

Garry said...

Others might argue that getting 2 million people off the dole queue and into manufacturing, would make everyone better off.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Garry, we tried that. But British manufacturing is a) expensive (because the bruvvers want a good wage, innit) and b) shit.

Just look at the British motor industry: at the top end, we're untouchable, F1 is practically entirely based in the UK and our top-end, hand-crafted cars compete with the best of them. But when you step away from the top-end, what are you left with? Rovers that fell apart when you farted in their general direction. Piles of dull, pre-rusted crap that no-one wanted to buy.

And that's the problem. If Britain was any good at making anything, we (and the rest of the world) would be buying it in spades. But we fucking aren't any good at it, and no amount of fascist wishful thinking is going to make it so.

Britons either need to take a huge wage cut and lose all the elfin safety crap AND make stuff that people want to buy; OR we need to do something else.

Sniper said...

The left are obsessed with the idea of pointing out the bloody obvious about the BNP.

The BNP are bloody left wing.

steves said...

the problem the problem that the people who believe that the bnp are rightwing (lefties) cannot use this argument as they epouse the same policies.
they will basically be saying don't vote bnp because they have the same policies as us/me - wont work they have to separate themselves somehow

Balding Nobhead Party said...

All parties including the BNP have the same thing in common. They are all real-world failures who delude themselves that they can run a nation. Occasionaly some of them win and then they meet the lizards

Edwin Greenwood said...

"... or we need to do something else."

The problem, Obo, is what else?

There were certainly quality, efficiency and complacency issues in post-war UK manufacturing, and for that matter, post-war USA. We were trounced by the Japanese on those fronts. But that is ultimately fixable.

What is not fixable is competing with near slave-labour economies paying pence per hour. And if China starts to get more expensive, there is always Vietnam, Laos, etc ad nauseam.

That's just manufacturing. Routine "service" and "white collar" work is being progressively outsourced to India and its successively lower cost competitors.

Lending ourselves money to pay for our imports of goods and services, money secured against non-existent value, is a self-delusion which has reached the end of its credibility.

As we are chased up the value chain, the current Government has opted to "educate" 50% of the population to degree level, in pursuit of increasingly elusive and possibly mythical "higher value" work. We have to face the reality that the IQ distribution of the British is not magically skewed towards the high end because HMG says so and that 50% of the population is not actually educable to useful degree level.

The North Korean solution of a deluded self-sufficiency which is in reality hair-shirt poverty with slogans will not work.

A race to the bottom in competition with the "bowl of rice a day" economies will not work.

So where's the something else? A re-emerging financial sector? Pop videos and game show ideas? Flogging Vietnam-made diecast models of the Houses of Parliament to Chinese tourists? Not enough to cover all the bases and pay for our imports, is it?

No I don't know what the answer is either. I suspect it lies "somewhere in the middle", but where and in the middle of what?