Thursday, 21 May 2009

I am an extreme right winger

... and I really find the constant wittering of left-wing troglodytes that the BNP have anything at all in common with me rather offensive. I don't like their economic policies, I don't like their racist policies, I don't like anything about them, other than that they want us out of the EU. And even then, I'd rather be ruled by the EU than by the BNP.

So can you please all fucking stop with this crap about how the BNP is an extreme right wing party. They are pretty much diametrically opposite to an extreme right wing party.

Thank you.


Costello said...

Yes. The BNP are simply Old Labour with an added dash of racist cuntery.

ChrisU said...

Entirely agree, all except the bit about preferring to be ruled by the EU than by the BNP.

Wasn't it Alan Clark who said that he'd rather be governed by socialists than by foreigners? At least if the BNP were in power we could vote them out. If only we could get rid of the EU so easily

Costello said...

Rule by foreigners doesn't bother me. Rule by socialists does. Rule by foreign socialists is unfortunately what we have.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

"Wasn't it Alan Clark who said that he'd rather be governed by socialists than by foreigners?"

Well, that's Phil the Greek and Betty Saxe-Coburg-Gotha screwed then.

Colin said...

In all the talk about where the BNP lie on the spectrum, I've never seen a left-winger place them on the left, or a right-winger on the right. Everyone always says they're on the opposite side from them.

Mark Wadsworth said...

"I'd rather be ruled by the EU than by the BNP"Agreed.

We are in fact ruled by the EU (with BluNuLab doing their every bidding while filling their personal boots), and things are far worse than they could be, but they are not that bad, compared to e.g. about three-quarters of the countries in the world.

A windowlicker said...


Obnoxio The Clown said...

@Colin: if you look at my "moral compass" on the right hand side of the page, you will see where I stand on matters.

In the quadrant map, the BNP is in the diametrically opposite quadrant to me: left (economic) and authoritarian. I suspect that their foreign policy views are similar to mine, but their Culture War stance is very intolerant.

I am Sick said...

If the existing political elites had done their jobs properly for the last 35 years, the BNP would not even register on the radar, let alone look likely to gain around 5 seats in the coming Euro Elections.

The truth is all the main parties have abandoned any pretence of governing in the best interests of the people they are supposed to represent.

All are craven regarding the EU, the worst being the tories who, are decietful in the extreme regarding their real position.

They have all adopted a "consensus" regarding mass immigration, largely because they have no say or control anymore, it is an exclusive EU competence, in other words, like so much that they pretend to have a say in, their role is as regional administrators for all EU directives ( orders ) regarding immigration and asylum.

It really does not take much for a party like the BNP to gain support, when our own vastly overpaid and incompetent "government" pretend that building millions of new homes and importing millions of more immigrants over the next decade, is "government policy" when it is nothing more than an order from our real, unelected, unremovable and unaccountable government in a foreign country.

That planned massive immigration ( the EU has decided that 50 million, yes 50 million, should be allowed to settle in the EU in the next decade ) is all part of a grander scheme to Balkanise indiginous populations creating a fragmented, distrustful and divided populationand so as to reduce any united opposition to the EU, who`s orwellian doublespeak triumphantly sloganeer the creation of this wonderful new colonisation, as "strength through diversity".

Of course hiding behing duplicitous slogans is nothing new in Euroland, they have a far stronger and rather murderous affiliation with statism, corporatism, fascism, socialism or communism, call it what you will, it always ends up with the state as master and humans as slaves, than we ever have in our little islands.

Still our indiginous "government" / regional administrators, do their best to emulate the corruption, venality and servile obedience of our "European partners" and erode the meaning of democracy and accountabilty, to the extent they are mere dots on a page, while at the same time they fill their pockets without a care in the world.

It is more than a little ironic that one of the most vociferous voices against the rising fascist EU state are our very own tinpot fascists. That alone, should shame every major British political party, that it does not, says more about them, than those who choose to vote for the BNP.

Anonymous said...

i used to be in the BNP but no more. the reason being the intention to interfere with people's residency based solely on race, the death penalty, and nationalisation of industry. why did i join? the BNP has it's good points. removal from EU, Nick Griffin's successful court case which was a worthy victory for fredom of speech, my opposition to discrimination against native Brits, and to my taxes being wasted on providing for foreigners who seem to hate Britain.
Colin if you have a look at this the BNP shows as left-wing authoritarian. there is an interesting political quiz which shows where your fall on the political spectrum too.

Balding Nobhead Party said...

The EU makes the laws but its our parliament and police who enforce them. Go to Europe and see how little they care about these laws. The Europeans know all about corrupt bloated beaurocracies and how to ignore them

David Gillies said...

Fascism is an explicitly Left-wing economic ideology. There's nothing in Fascism that says it has to be racist or genocidal (its emphasis on the preeminence of the State propels it in that direction, but it's not implicit in Fascism per se). Mussolini's Fascists were a very different kettle of fish to Hitler's Nazis (in fact, of the countries ruled and occupied by the Axis in Europe, the second most likely place for a Jew to survive the war was Italy).

Jonah Goldberg has often quipped he's fond of asking sundry Lefties, "apart from the genocide and the invading Poland, what exactly is it you don't like about the Nazis?" Subtract all the Blut und Boden crap out of the BNP's platform and you've got a set of goals that most mainstream socialists would heartily applaud.

So even if the BNP weren't a bunch of racist thugs, their insanely stupid economic policies should rule them out of contention for all time.

Chalcedon said...

Amen! I've been posting the same stuff at MSM websites all week.