Friday, 22 May 2009

Just a few bad apples

I see Nadine "Barking" Dorries is outraged at how hard-working British MP's are being slandered over expenses.


Ian Gibson, a senior Labour MP, is preparing to stand down after he admitted using his parliamentary expenses to pay for his daughter’s London home — before selling it to her for half its market value.

This week, Mr Gibson published his expense details online, so constituents could examine his claims.

But, in the same way as Commons authorities are planning to do with all MPs’ expenses, he blacked out the key information.

By comparing his published receipts with the uncensored documents, The Daily Telegraph found how the MP was trying to cover up the arrangement.

So, they only want to cover up details to hide their addresses?

And another Tory is at it as well:

Anne Main bought the flat in St Albans about 25 miles from her family’s detached main home in Beaconsfield.

Public records show that Mrs Main’s daughter, Claire, has lived at the property rent-free for up to three years.

It's just a few bad apples, honest.


JuliaM said...

The daft cow has just been on the 'Jeremy Vine' show - every bloody word out of her mouth has been pure justification or whinge. She's probably cost Call-Me-Dave at least 2000 votes already...

Chalcedon said...

These utter bastards I hope will be toast at the next general election. Hopefully in October. Hanging is too good for most of them.